Why Paul Gascoigne gave Wayne Rooney £40 when they met at Everton in 2018


Paul Gascoigne had a huge influence on Wayne Rooney growing up.

Gazza is widely regarded as one of the finest players England has produced and his impact was felt by Rooney, who got to train with his idol at Everton.

“I trained a couple of times at Everton with him. I was only about 14 or 15,” Rooney said a few years ago, per the Daily Mail.

“It was a great experience as a lad. I was going home and telling my mates, ‘I’ve just trained with Paul Gascoigne’.”

Gazza met a 14-year-old Rooney

Gazza knew early on that Rooney was going to be special.

Back in 2015, the former midfielder told an excellent story of the time he went to watch a 14-year-old Rooney in action for Everton’s Under 19s. He knew there and then that he was going to “brilliant”.

“I thought I’d stay and watch for a little bit and he came on when they were getting beat 1-0 with 20 minutes to go,” Gascoigne said on Soccer AM, per the Mail.

“He banged in two goals. I think you can watch them on TV – they’re incredible. What a player. I thought he’s going to be good.”


Gazza gave Rooney £40 beer money 

Gascoigne went and spoke to the lads after the game – and it would provide the setting for his first ever exchange with Rooney.

It was a classic encounter that Gazza and Rooney would remember forever.

Gascoigne continued: “After the game I went in and said: ‘well done lads, I’ve got £40 spare, is anyone going out tonight?’

“Wayne Rooney said ‘I am’, so I went ‘here’s £40 quid, go and get yourself a couple of pints tonight.’

“That’s when I knew he was going to be brilliant. He’s got potential, that lad. He’s never given the £40 back so the interest is about £1.2million now!”

They recreated the moment in 2018

When the pair met up at Everton’s training ground in 2018, Gazza surprised Rooney by giving him another £40.

What a wholesome moment.

We wonder if Rooney has ever bothered to give Gazza the money back. It’s up to £80 now…

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