PUBG New State Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

PUBG New State Season 2: Leaks, Release Date, Trailer, Battle Pass, Patch Notes And More

PUBG New State are loving the game since its release in November 2021 and we have all the latest details and information around season 2 of the game.

Like many games on both mobile and console, the developers of PUBG New State have started to create seasons in order to keep the game fresh and entertain the fan base.

The mobile game only introduced season one in January 2022, and it has been massively praised by players and due to this, excitement is at an all time high for season 2.

A new season promises new weapons, characters, game modes, possible map changes and more, and a lot of information will come out over what exact content will be coming to PUBG New State.

Here is everything you need to know about PUBG New State:


Currently there are no leaks around the second season of PUBG New State. Leaks will start to surface on social media, and when this happens, we will provide all the latest updates as soon as we can.

Release Date

Season One of PUBG New State came out on Thursday January 13th 2022. This means it will be live for quite some time, and with know official release date for season 2 right now, but we would hope to see it until around February 2022 or early March 2022.


The developers of the mobile game will release a trailer when we are closer to season 2 going live. This should be revealed in mid February 2022 if everything goes to plan.

PUBG New State Season 1 went live on January 13th 2022

Battle Pass

Players will be happy to hear that when a new season comes out, it brings about a new battle pass.

This battle pass is 100 tiers of unlockable content for players to use which includes characters, weapons and cosmetics. The contents of this battle pass will most likely not be revealed until the new season goes live in PUBG New State.

Patch Notes

Many in the gaming community will know that the developers release patch notes to tell the gaming community about what is in these updates when a new season comes out.

These patch notes do not get revealed until the season goes live, so we have to wait for quite a while to find out what they entail. When we know the official release date, we will be able to tell you when the patch notes are revealed.

When PUBG New States does release the Season 2 Patch Notes, we will reveal all right here as soon as possible.

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