Final Fantasy XIV Best Eden Savage Raids: What Are They?

Cloud of Darkness in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV has been one of the most popular MMO titles on the market since the game’s initial release over a decade ago, but what are the best Eden Savage Raids for the Shadowbringers Expansion?

The release of the highly anticipated Endwalker expansion has brought a number of new elements to the Square Enix behemoth, including the latest Savage Raid tier.

When Ranking a Raid tier, it is of course going to be somewhat opinion-based, however with the help of a few big FFXIV streamers, we can somewhat take a small sample size in order to help categorize these raids overall.

Here’s our list of the top Final Fantasy XIV Eden Savage raids that are currently available in Final Fantasy XIV.

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With the new expansion out as well as the latest Savage Raid tier being released early this month, we’re taking a look back at the best of the Eden Savage Raid tier.

Here’s our list of the best Eden Savage Raids Bosses:

Eden Savage Raids Ranked Bosses

(13) – The Idol of Darkness

The Idol of Darkness

The Idol of Darkness is the 7th Boss in the Eden Savage Raids, not thought very highly by many Raiders due to its messy mechanics, the raid was also not very exciting, as well as the loot drops not being great to farm.

(12) – Shadowkeeper

The dreaded dog Shadowkeeper had many players heads spinning with frustration, as many of the mechanics seemed to be dodgy.

Orbs and Void Gates 2 were easily the two ass-kickers, and as well as the raid being very boring, this Raid from the last tier was one of the worst of Eden Savage.

(11) – Eden Prime

Eden Prime was the first on this list, it wasn’t a bad Raid, but it was messy.

Learning the fight wasn’t super hard, it was fun the first few times, but farming the fight was not interesting and often dragged overall.

The Cutscene in the middle of the fight was incredibly long and not skippable.

(10) – Voidwalker

Voidwalker was the second raid of the tier list and the first time we fought Gaia, it was a fun fight, with awesome mechanics, progging the fight was good but there was a lot missing from this raid.

(9) – Ramuh


The Fight was not bad, as well as having cool but simple mechanics, The prog for the fight was great, but the farm was horrible due to people using different techniques which often led to one being more popular than the other despite being worse.

This fight was hilarious to do especially with one particular mechanic going around killing everyone.

(8) – Ifrit and Garuda

Ifrit and Garuda was a perfectly fine raid. It was a good prog, the mechs were okay, it was somewhat fun to do and the farm wasn’t horrible.

However, this raid was more fun depending on what role you played; if you were a tank it was horrible, but if you were DPS then it was great.

(7) – Leviathan

Leviathan was a lot of fun, the farm was not the best but with a good party it improved, the mechanics were great, as well as having a good soundtrack.

(6) – Cloud of Darkness

Cloud of Darkness

Cloud of Darkness, the first raid of the last tier, E9S was a lot of fun to do, the fight and mechanics were amazing it was something different from raids in the past, farming it was very easy and not boring to repeat, it was a great raid.

(5) – Eden’s Promise

The Door Boss to the real final raid!

This raid required you to remember mechanics from previous Raids, as well as implementing features from the Primals.

It was a lot of fun to progress, the mechanics were great, and the farm was good, and that’s why it sits in our top 5.

(4) – Fatebreaker

E11s had a reputation of either being completely hated or loved, it was fast and it was exciting, it made you really think about what you had to do, The prog was great and fairly simple to do.

The mechanics were great but weren’t many of them, and once you knew what to do it was easy to do it which might be a downside if you want a challenge.

However, this made the raid very easy to do and thus the farm was also easy which made doing it on repeat a simple task.

(3) – Shiva

Shiva is not only a fan favourite, but her raid was a huge favourite for many people, she was the last boss of the second tier, and quite possibly the hardest raid of the 13 on this list, the prog was painful with light rampant wiping parties all too many times, despite this it was a fun raid.

The mechanics were completely insane, but fun to do, the biggest downside was probably the Farm, being very painful as many farm parties would disband after a couple of wipes thanks to the previous mechanic, but once you got the clear it was worth it as you got one of the coolest mounts in the game.

(2) – Oracle of Darkness

The final raid in Eden Savage, Oracle of Darkness, and the last time you fight Gaia. This raid took a couple of mechanics from the previous time you fight her and made it a lot harder.

The prog was a lot of fun to do as well as the soundtrack being so incredibly good, the mechanics were hard but very fun to do, as well as satisfying after you learnt how to do it.

The Raid overall was very fun to do, and farming her was also very enjoyable, however getting to clear her you had to get past the door boss which was one entire raid in itself which often was tiring.

(1) – Titan


Titan might arguably be one of the best Savage Raids in the game, not only was it fun to do but it was also very cool, we got to see Titan as a car, we got to see Giant Titan as well as Mini Titan.

The prog was very fun, but difficult to do which made it even more fun to do. The mechanics for this fight were great they were difficult but again they were fun and kept you moving.

The Farm for this raid was a lot of fun, especially part 2 of the raid, a lot of players enjoyed this fight a lot, as well as many WoW players that migrated giving it heaps of praise.

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