Need for Speed: Insider reveals massive news for video game franchise


Games insider Tom Henderson has revealed via Twitter that at the end of this year, a new Need for Speed game will be released.

Criterion Games, who were behind the likes of iconic games such as Hot Pursuit, Most Wanted and Rivals, will be producing this one too, hopefully replicating the successes of previous editions.

VGC picked this up too and they expanded on it to remind us that this new release was supposed to drop last year. However, it was delayed as the staff involved were moved over to work on Battlefield 2042.

Need for Speed first appeared all the way back in 1994 on PC and on the PS1, amongst other consoles.

The evolution of the game, like many of its sort whether it be FIFA or Call of Duty, has been quite something.

Criterion made their Need for Speed debut back in 2010 with the aforementioned Hot Pursuit and after being a favourite with the fans in this long line of production, EA entrusted them going forward.

This game was available on Windows as well as a number of consoles, including PS3, PS4, Wii, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


Criterion were out of the loop for a bit when it came to Need for Speed as EA passed the baton on to Swedish studio Ghost Games. They produced both Payback and Heat, but after neither of these proved to be an overwhelming success, the rights went back to Criterion.

VGC have reported previously that the game was set for a 2023 release with there being no real rush, but Henderson seems to be suggesting this outlay has changed.

The game will be released on both new and outgoing gen-consoles, which is a relief for PS4 owners and yes, it seems as if the producers have stepped it all up a gear.

Criterion have a lot of pressure riding on this release as EA have previously showed a willingness to shop around, but will it deliver?

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