Final Fantasy XIV: Best DPS for Raids, Who Are They?

Reaper in Final Fantasy XIV

With Final Fantasy XIV growing in popularity over the last year, as well as an influx of players coming over from World of Warcraft, many people might wonder what to play, or what should they raid with.

There are 11 different Damage per Second (DPS) Jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, with three main types Melee, Physical Ranged, and Magical Ranged, each of these offering different things to a party such as party buffs or just raw damage.

There are various different types of Raids that require a different number of people and vary in difficulty, the main one is the Savage Raids which is the end game content for FFXIV.

With Square Enix recently releasing the latest expansion ‘Endwalker’, as well the new raid tier having just come out in January, we can now take a look at the best Jobs for the tier.

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Here’s our list of the best Jobs in FFXIV right now:

Best DPS for Raids

(5) – Dancer


Dancer is a ranged-melee DPS

A Dancer doesn’t have the highest raw damage in the game, but where it lacks damage it offers utility and huge amounts of party buffs as well as some heals and shields.

Dancers are considered a supportive DPS due to the fact that they will bind to another DPS and boost them, as well as a few party-wide buffs.

The job is fairly straightforward to play and very easy to pick up, due to the fact that there aren’t many skills to press.

It has simple combos in its rotation with a fair amount of RNG included.

Why should you play Dancer?

  • Great Utility and party buffs
  • Short Cooldowns
  • Very easy rotation
  • Extremely Mobile
  • VFX is very flashy and colourful

(4) – Summoner

A Summoner conjures the Primals into battle using their powers to deal damage, it is one of the few Magical DPS in the game but it offers a lot of damage as well the ability to revive other members in your party.

It has a great amount of DPS, whilst not being completely overpowered, it is a very flashy and fun class, with recent changes to it allowing you to actually do more damage as well as summoning the Primals instead of sprites shaped like them.

It is one of the hardest classes in the game but once you know how to play it you can be extremely effective and potentially deal as much damage as the higher DPS jobs.

Why should you play Summoner?

  • Great Utility
  • Big Damage
  • Can be a challenge but good for those that like to challenge themselves
  • A More mobile casting job.

(3) – Monk


Monk is an agile combatant that deals a huge amount of damage, in fact, it is one of the highest DPS in the game right now.
It is huge amounts of mobility, and if you are keen on martial arts then this could be a fun job for you to play, not only that but the job offers a good amount of party buffs.

Why should you play Monk?

  • Huge amounts of Damage
  • Great mobility
  • Great debuff and good personal buffs
  • Quick, calm, and collected
  • Easy to avoid mechanics

(2) – Samurai

Some would say they are embracing the way of the Samurai. many just want to deal huge numbers of damage, others just like cool swords, and these are a few reasons why people play this job.

Samurai is a mobile class with a dash into enemies as well as a dash away from them as well as being one of two jobs that does nothing but raw damage.

You could put Black Mage in here, but due to it being a very immobile job we put Samurai here.

A Great partner for Dancers will see a Samurai’s damage boosted even higher.

Why should you play Samurai?

  • The Highest raw damage
  • Somewhat easy combo
  • Quite mobile
  • Often gets to use Limit Break 3

(1) – Reaper


The newest Job in the game, Reaper, is an edgy job with tons of damage, it tops the damage charts with party buffs and is third overall with just pure damage.

Reaper is the easiest melee job to pick up despite the fact that it starts at level 70.

It is cool and very flashy, wielding a scythe as your weapon and a void avatar that they command.

To play the job, you must first build your soul gauge which feeds your avatar and then releases huge amounts of damage.

Why you should play Reaper?

  • If you want to be on top of the DPS charts
  • If you want to look cool and edgy
  • Embrace the Void
  • A Cool huge Scythe

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