FIFA Mobile 22 Upcoming Update Revealed: Release Date, Patch Notes and More

FIFA Mobile 22 Upcoming Update is to sort out bug fixes

FIFA Mobile 22 fans are enjoying the start of a new season and they will be happy to hear the latest details around an upcoming update.

The franchise is huge on both the mobile and console, but this new season of FIFA Mobile has evolved the game thanks to new game modes, gameplay changes and more.

The demand for the game has been massive due to the excitement since the new season dropped and a lot more new players are trying FIFA Mobile 22 out.

FIFA Mobile 22 is now one of the biggest sporting games on iOS and Mobile devices, and we hope that this upcoming update will be exactly what the gaming community have been asking.

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FIFA Mobile 22 Upcoming Update Release Date

A lot of games like to reveal when the upcoming updates will go live; however, FIFA Mobile have not given us an official release date, instead they have said that the update will be coming very soon. Keep an eye for updates towards the end of January 2022 – Early February 2022.

Patch Notes

When game release an update, they typically reveal all the details behind what has actually happened in the update. For now the full patch notes has not been revealed by the developers of FIFA Mobile 22, but they have given us a couple of details about what could be in this update. 

On Twitter, FIFA Mobile revealed that they are very much aware of disconnection issues affecting Head to Head matches. Due to this, they will be removing Head to Head from the upcoming Challenge Mode in the New Beginnings event. They also said how they know there are some bugs which need to be fixed immediately.

FIFA Mobile 22 revealed an upcoming update is on its way in early 2022

The new season has been a lot of fun in the game; however, there have been some issues with bugs and more, and these have been receiving a lot of complaints from the gaming community.

Players will have to keep an eye on the App store and the Google Play store so that they can find the update when it goes live.

When more details are announced around this upcoming update, we will reveal all the details as soon as we can so be sure to keep an eye on this page over the next month.

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