Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo: Video argues CR7 was 'robbed' of 2012 Ballon d'Or award


Cristiano Ronaldo now trails Lionel Messi by two in their head-to-head Ballon d’Or competition.

Not everyone agreed with Messi’s triumph in November, which came after he helped Argentina win the Copa America trophy.

That was Messi’s record seventh Ballon d’Or win. Ronaldo remains on five.

At this stage, it’s hard to picture the Manchester United ace surpassing Messi’s tally. Time really isn’t on his side.

However, a Ronaldo supporter believes that Messi robbed the Portuguese star of one Ballon d’Or.


Was Ronaldo robbed in 2012?

Messi’s 2012 has gone down as one of the finest individual years in football history.

The little maestro set a record for most goals in a single calendar year with 91, including 79 for Barcelona and 12 for his national team.

It wasn’t a surprise when he won the Ballon d’Or award – but a video emerged on Twitter a few years ago that attempted to prove Messi “robbed” Ronaldo of the award.

Posted by @ronaldocomps, the two-part video starts with Jose Mourinho explaining why it’s easier to thrive than the former Real Madrid and Juventus forward.


“It’s harder to be Cristiano than Messi,” Mourinho says.

“One [Messi] plays as a [number] nine and roams around in those 50 square metres where the distance to goal is smaller and defence less intense.”

“The other [Ronaldo] plays as a winger. How does a winger score as many goals as a No 9?”

Watch the video below

The video then shows the advantageous positions Messi found himself in to score from. Compare that to Ronaldo, who is seen having to do it by playing out wide.

Ronaldo’s phenomenal 2012

In 2012, Ronaldo scored 63 goals for club and country.

It was a truly remarkable return that nobody really talks about due to Messi’s statistical dominance.


But he also helped Los Blancos win La Liga with 100 points that year.

Has your mind changed?

Possibly not – this writer’s hasn’t – but still, we shouldn’t forget how good Ronaldo was in 2012.

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