Mike Tyson: Slow-motion footage of Iron Mike slipping 20 shots before landing monster hook


There are few bigger characters in the boxing world than Mike Tyson.

The self-proclaimed ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ thundered onto the boxing scene as a terrifying young heavyweight who was blowing anybody and everybody completely out of the water.

He would quickly become the youngest world heavyweight champion the sport had ever seen through a battering regime of monstrous knockouts and deep psychological warfare.

Tyson used every aspect of fight night to intimidate his opponents into submission, from haunting ring walks to thinly veiled threats in press conferences.

Then, he would let his almost grotesque power do the talking in the ring as he sent opponent after opponent sprawling painfully to the canvas.

However, one of the lesser-sung heroes on the Tyson curriculum-vitae was his almost telepathic defensive technique.

There were times when it looked nigh on impossible for opponents to lay a glove on Tyson and he bounced and bobbed out of the way of everything they could throw at him.


He made some of the finest heavyweights look like drunken brawlers flailing their hands with little to no intent or direction.

It was, however, when both his power and defence dove-tailed perfectly that Tyson was at his poetically devastating best.

Slow motion footage of one of those moments from early in his career has re-emerged online and it’s nothing short of hypnotic as Tyson bobbed and weaved before landing a booming hook.

In the footage, Tyson slips at least 20 shots fired at him by the flustered Reggie Gross before snatching his opportunity to pounce and swinging a left hook to end all left hooks.


A perplexed Gross went from attack to the flat of his back in the blink of an eye as Tyson claimed the victory inside the first round of the 1986 fight.

Sadly, Tyson’s incredible career would veer alarmingly off a cliff as controversy and jail time saw him miss the true peak years of his sporting life.

The years after his incarceration also proved to be dramatic for all the wrong reasons as he was given lengthy bans for biting, suffered with substance abuse and saw his once impregnable technique desert him.

Fortunately, that is a very different picture to the one we know today with Iron Mike turning his life around as a successful podcaster and even stepping back into the ring for an exhibition in late 2020.

His fight career may not have ended in the way it once promised, but when you see footage like the above, there can be no doubting that Tyson was one of the most gifted boxers of all time.

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