Is Mourinho the man for Spurs?


Somehow, someway, Jose Mourinho has managed to manouvre himself into an untenable position while sitting seven points clear of what most people are billing as the greatest side to ever play the game.

Rumours of leaked heated exchanges in the dressing room and a sullen-faced Mourinho have occupied the minds of Real Madrid’s fans and their notoriously zealous media ever since their Copa del Rey defeat against Barcelona last month.

Disenfranchised with what he reportedly sees as the world around him turning against him – only recently have the Ultra Sur, the club’s most ardent fans, stopped booing him while rumours of a players revolt have also recently ceased – Mourinho is said to be ready to head back to the land that embraced him whole-heartedly, England.

While Madrid face up to the prospect of losing the man that appears to be about to deliver them their first title since 2008, almost 800 miles away Harry Redknapp is watching his Tottenham side play Liverpool on television thanks to his cancelled flight.

The England job is Redknapp’s if he wants it. Fabio Capello, due to leave in the summer after the European Championships, could be out on his ear even sooner if former F.A Chairman David Davies’ belief that the Italian has breached his contract by revealing he disagreed with the decision to remove John Terry as England captain proves to be true.

But with plenty of other willing suitors in England, would Mourinho and Tottenham be a match made in heaven? Perhaps surprisingly to outsiders, Harry Redknapp isn’t loved unconditionally by Tottenham fans all over the world.

Cast your mind back to last May and Redknapp was branded some of the club’s fans ‘idiots’ following some discord during a radio phone-in following their 1-0 defeat against Manchester City.

In fact, Martin Jol aside, you have to go back to Glen Hoddle’s appointment to find a Spurs manager the fans genuinely loved, and even that ended in disaster.

Mourinho is a man who wants to be wanted, and there is no doubt the Spurs faithful would hold him in the highest regard.

In very much the way that Rafael Van der Vaart and to a lesser extent Emmanuel Adebayor swapped the bright lights of Madrid for north London in order to have something built around them and not with them looking on from the periphery, the thought of having a club to build around him would certainly appeal to Mourinho. He would be the heart of the club, and that is something Tottenham certainly need.

There is only one problem though, an awkward point in the shape that stops it slipping so seamlessly through the slot.

Spurs have a fine tradition as a club that like their football played in a certain way. While Harry Redknapp has his detractors at White Hart Lane there are few who could deny that he has them playing in a manner befitting of their history.

At Madrid, anyone who is anyone has criticised Mourinho’s approach to the game.

Alfredo De Stefano described Mourinho’s tactics as ‘without personality’ when they lost to Barcelona last season, while Christiano Ronaldo said when asked what he thought of the way Madrid played in their Champions League semi-final defeat against you-guessed-who: ‘I don’t like it’.

However at a time when Tottenham appear capable if not destined to end their hunt for a league title, - form that has made a link between them and a man who has won the Champions League twice possible - the club’s supporters would abandon the desire to win and win well if silverware was landed at their doorstep.

Such is the desire to rekindle the glory years of yesterday in a manner not too dissimilar to Chelsea that Tottenham fans would surely accept their club being moulded into his image, if it meant sacrificing some of the pretty patterns weaved over White Hart Lane.

During his time at Chelsea, the former Porto and Inter Milan boss didn’t exactly set the world alight with a trailblazing brand of football but that is not to suggest that he can’t mix it up when needs be.

This is a man after all who, with some of the world’s finest players at his disposal, has overseen 71 Madrid goals to Barcelona’s 61 while unless something drastic happens La Liga title belongs to them.

Tottenham have reportedly approached him before Martin Jol was installed in the hot seat at White Hart Lane a few years back, but it was not to be. A position at Tottenham would certainly be a departure from his comfort zone, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and financially he would take a hit but what is left to do for the man that has won everything? White Hart Lane waits with baited breath.

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