Francis Ngannou on Jackass: First video footage of nut-shot stunt emerges


To say that the Jackass crew are always up for anything would be an understatement.

On February 3, the new Jackass Forever movie releases to cinema and, as always, it’s packed full of hilarious stupidity.

The UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou is never a man to be messed with. So, of course, when there’s something not to be messed with, Jackass are on the case.

As first revealed on January 10, during a trailer for the upcoming movie, Ngannou will be taking part in one of the infamous Jackass stunts.

Jackass are no stranger to venturing into the mainstream in order to draw new eyes to their product. This has been noticed in recent weeks in WWE. Johnny Knoxville has been seen on SmackDown entering into a feud with Sami Zayn over the Jackass star’s inclusion in the Royal Rumble.

Knoxville will be competing in the legendary match which is sure to gain interest in the upcoming film.

This stunt has been deemed the ‘cup test’ as more and more details have come out regarding Ngannou’s role in the film.


We know Francis will be seen firing one of his devastating punches to the privates of cast member Ehren McGhehey, but previously we only had a snapshot of the heavyweight champion preparing to strike.

Now, we have an interview with the crew showing a more in-depth look of Ngannou’s inclusion and the actual punch itself.

Speaking with Paramount, Ehren jokingly recalls when he was told that it would be a lightweight punching him, after being deceived by Johnny Knoxville. When the UFC heavyweight champion walked in, there was shock across Ehren’s face, contrasted to the hysterics in the background from the rest of the crew.

One member in particular even compared being hit by Francis to being ‘hit by a Ford Escort at top speed’ which I’m sure didn’t help the situation for Ehren.

During the interview, we saw the actual moment when the black glove of the champion connected with Ehren. The punch was quick and had enough force to launch the cast member into the metal door behind, leading him to fall to his side in immense pain.

The grimace on his face was clear and the pain seemingly continued to get worse. The pain is unimaginable, yet, what they signed up for when recruiting the man known as The Predator.

It’s unsurprising that the man who boasts the hardest punch ever recorded could cause such an intense reaction.

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