WWE Raw: Alexa Bliss drops hint towards gimmick change

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss is back on screens and on her way to making her WWE return. 

The Monday Night Raw star took time away from wrestling to undergo sinus surgery and was out of action for four months to recover.

The last time fans saw Bliss in the ring was back in September at Extreme Rules, where she was unsuccessful in claiming the Raw Women’s Championship title.

Not only did Bliss fall short in her attempt to become the new red brand champion, but she watched as Charlotte Flair ripped apart the demonic doll that was her sidekick Lilly.

Her hiatus aligned perfectly with her storyline. The feud with Flair ended, allowing The Queen to pursue new challenges, and Bliss disappeared for a lengthy period, leaving the WWE Universe wondering how and when she would return.

There has been a lot of speculation over how Lilly’s demise will impact Bliss. Her on-screen return so far has consisted of a series of therapy sessions where the star is attempting to deal with the trauma of the events at Extreme Rules.

However, the therapy does not seem to be going as planned. In each episode, Bliss has reverted back to memories of Lilly and appears consumed with rage.

This has kickstarted the debate over whether a revenge-fuelled Bliss will return darker than ever to wreak havoc, or if the whole supernatural gimmick will be dropped altogether. 

Fans are divided so far over where they want the storyline to go. Loyal Bliss supporters are hoping the icon sticks with her current persona, with some even predicting she will become Lilly. But many others are holding out for a complete switch up and the reintroduction of Bliss’ iconic Goddess era. 

The five-time title winner stirred the rumour pot slightly following the latest episode of Monday Night Raw. After the show, she retweeted a post stating: “Alexa Bliss is slowly changing, am I right?”

Other than the official WWE account and other wrestlers, Bliss rarely posts anything that isn’t her own content. So to single out this one tweet and repost it on her feed is a very interesting clue.

There is no indication as to how Bliss could be “changing”, which adds even more mystery to where her new storyline is going. However, in each of the three therapy segments, she has worn a different outfit and her hair was different to her trademark space bun style in the most recent instalment. 

The Goddess version of Bliss won the Raw Women’s Championship three times, and the SmackDown Women’s Championship twice. She also won the Tag Team Championship on two occasions alongside the former Nikki Cross.

Fans are eager to see Bliss channel her inner champion and many believe the only way to do this is to return to her iconic gimmick. But this mysterious new storyline hasn’t given much away so far and fans will simply have to sit tight and wait for her in-ring return.

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