League of Legends LEC Week 2 Day 1: The Full Round-Up

Gameplay from League of Legends LEC Week Two

Week two of the League of Legends European Championships (LEC) commenced over the weekend and it was filled with plenty of excitement as well as some big games being featured.

On day one we got to see a big clash between the two best teams of the Summer Split, as well as an enthralling 40-minute clash between Fnatic and Astralis.

You might be wondering what week two had to offer. Well, if you didn’t watch the games from the weekend you missed out on some real excitement and incredible matches.

With that being said let’s talk about LEC’s Week two day one matches:

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LEC Week 2 Results

The opening day of week two went pretty much as you’d have expected, the first game was:

Misfits (w) vs EXCEL

This game was pretty much a straight stomp. As Misfits went out to win the game with ease.

Misfits breezed past EXCEL with a win that lasted just past 30 minutes as all lanes finished with a gold lead, as well as taking nine towers to EXCEL’s two towers, four inhibitors to EXCEL’s one.

A simple task for Misfits despite EXCEL’s impressive start to their LEC season.

Astralis v Fnatic (w)

Fnatic in LEC

(Credit: LEC)

During game two, we got to see one of the two favourites Fnatic face off against rock bottom Astralis in what was an exciting 42-minute game.

Despite Astralis’ great resilience, Fnatic proved too much for them as they trailed in gold throughout the game and by the end of the game, they were 10k behind.

Fnatic had a gold lead in every single lane besides Mid Lane, but the number of towers was a lot closer between the two teams with seven being taken by Fnatic while 4 were claimed by Astralis. However, Fnatic had 16 kills and only died six times.

G2 (w) vs SK Gaming

G2 and SK Gaming both of which are Fnatic’s biggest rivals throughout the years went head to head in week two’s opening day and this was not a close game, as G2 took SK apart.

There was a 10k gold difference between the two teams, with 13 kills going to G2 while SK could only manage five, as well as eight towers being taken by G2 and SK taking two.

Not only that but G2 claimed four dragons, one Baron, and two inhibitors, SK only managed to take one Dragon and lost all lanes.

Team BDS vs Vitality (w)

League of Legends LEC

(Credit: LEC)

‘Super Team’ Vitality finally took their first win of the split against the new boys of the LEC BDS, and it was the fastest win of the day at 27 minutes, not only that but it was filled with a complete kill fest with 24 kills being shared between the two teams.

Vitality annihilated BDS with a 15k gold lead, as well as every lane completely dominating in gold the biggest of which was Perkz who had a 6k gold difference, as well as over 100, creep score (cs) lead.

BDS didn’t manage to claim a single objective against Vitality, while G2 took four dragons, eight towers, one Baron, and two inhibitors.

An easy take for the favourites of the LEC, could this be what we are set to see from this team?

MAD Lions vs Rogue (w)

The final game featured the game of the day between MAD vs Rogue as Rogue completely destroy MAD Lions.

Rogue claimed 21 kills against MAD while the Lions only managed to get eight, besides that MAD Lions took one objective, whilst Rogue took four dragons, Six towers, and two Barons.

It was a complete stomp for Rogue beating MAD Lions by 10k as well as winning every lane, except for ADC which was much closer thanks to MAD Lions ADC having a monster amount of CS and a couple of shutdowns.

It was Rogue’s Mid-Laner who carried the game however with a 40% of the damage share from his team, with Odoamne coming second with 22%.

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