Cyberpunk 2077 Survival Mod: How to Install, Gameplay Mechanics and More

Here's everything you need to know about the Cyberpunk 2077 Survival Mod

Cyberpunk 2077 has seen a number of mods released that have added to the graphical and gameplay quality over the past year, and a new mod adding a Survival element appears to have initially become a hit.

The mod was launched on Thursday 20th January 2022, and as of writing has already had over a thousand downloads on Nexus mods.

‘Live in Night City’ is the name of the new mod, and it has also had over 30 endorsements thus far on the popular modding site Nexus, so it is expected to only get more popular with time.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Cyberpunk 2077 ‘Live in Night City’ Survival Mod, including how to install it.

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Cyberpunk 2077

How to Install

The mod was created by FoNoicH. As noted, players will be able to download the mod via Nexus, with the v0.3 BETA version of the game currently available to test.

Nexus mods has a Download Manager that will help players to install the mod. 

It is worth noting that the following mods will have to be installed before downloading the Live in Night City survival mod: Cyber Engine Tweaks and Native Settings UI.

The 0.3 BETA version of the game contains the following changes to the survival mod:

v0.3 BETA – Major Update (need feedback)

  • More complex metabolism
  • Lots of bugs fixed
  • Cleaner code
  • Complete consumption adjustment
  • More settings options
  • Gamepad support (thanks to PhiPhiper)
  • FGR compatibility patch (thanks to PhiPhiper)
Cyberpunk 2077


The Live in Night City mod is designed to give players a more immersive version of the game, with gamers having to manage V’s fatigue as well as hunger and thirst levels.

There is also dynamic status notifications and differing penalties depending on the character’s specific needs at that point.

FoNoicH confirmed the following information with regards to the actual gameplay of the mod:

You must keep V healthy by managing his needs.

V’s actions have several consequences, for example :

  • Eating decreases V’s hunger and his thirst slightly but digestion also costs him fatigue.
  • Drinking alcohol increases his thirst but also reduces his fatigue.
  • Taking a shower decreases fatigue less than resting, but also decreases his thirst.

You have to drink and eat to regenerate hunger and thirst (I know it’s obvious) but eating takes longer to regenerate than thirst (due to digestion).

You must sleep in V’s apartment to regenerate his fatigue. (You can also rest on the sofa or take a shower). If one of the needs is low, penalties are applied according to its level.


  • Penalty on total stamina and total memory (and this can kill you on hard difficulty)


  • Penalty on total health (and this can kill you on hard difficulty)


  • Penalty on critical hit chance and stamina regeneration
  • You can get flashes or a system malfunction (on hard and normal difficulty you can also be stunned or fall to the ground)

How to configure decay rate

  • 3 hours in real life = 24 hours in-game.
  • Thirst can last for 9 hours in real life (72 hours in-game) if V does nothing but stay in his apartment.
  • Hunger can last for 84 hours in real life (672 hours in-game)
  • Fatigue can last for 21 hours in real life (168 hours in-game)
  • I repeat, this only holds if V does nothing that requires energy.

For example, if you decrease the Thirst decay rate (by setting a value of 2.0 in the settings) you will increase the amount of cumulative Thirst by two (18 hours in real life = 144 hours in-game).

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Cyberpunk 2077

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