Apex Legends: How to Tap Strafe

Tap Strafing is one of the most difficult techniques to pull off in Apex Legends.

Tap Strafing is one of the most popular techniques to carry out in Apex Legends and is set to be introduced in Season 12.

There are various ways in which players can move and navigate around a respective map, some of which require a certain level of skill and can give gamers a certain level of agility, providing them with an edge over their enemies.

The movement that is tap-strafing can do just that – but has caused a reasonable amount of controversy in the process. The reason for that is due to the restrictions controller players have, as this movement technique can only be carried out by those on PC.

As a result, Respawn Entertainment, the game’s developers, announced that tap-strafing was removed for Season 10. But some suggest that it could be making a return in Season 12 (Defiance).

While there are other aspects of Apex that some players might struggle with like Heirloom Shards, scroll down to find out how to tap strafe.

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What is Tap Strafing?

Tap Strafing is one of the most difficult techniques to pull off in Apex Legends.

Tap strafing is a powerful technique that is used by experienced and pro players alike that give them the extra edge during intense battles and while avoiding enemy fire – but it is challenging to pull off on a consistent basis.

How to Tap Strafe in Apex Legends

Players can tap-strafe in-game by carrying out the following actions: 

  • Slide jump and spam the “move forward” button (W default on PC, forward on the left analogue stick for both PlayStation and Xbox).
  • At the top of the jump, flick the mouse in the intended direction.

It has been suggested that people change their ‘move forward’ bind to their mouse scroll to make tap-strafing easier to master.

This may sound easy, but is really challenging to master. As you would expect, if this returns in Season 12, it will still be inaccessible to those that play Apex on a controller. It will be interesting to see what its reception is if tap-strafing does come back.

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