League of Legends LEC Week 2 Day 2: The Round-Up

LEC Week 2 Day 2

With day one coming to an end, it was time for Day two to commence at the League of Legends European Championships (LEC) with many more exciting games taking place in front of the world.

Day two of week two was full of great matches with a Game of the Week between G2 and Team Vitality, as well as a 23-minute stomp. Overall, the games went as expected.

So what did day two have in store for us? Any surprise victories? Did we see any unbeaten streaks come to an end? Or did Vitality continue to win?

That being said let’s take a look at the results from day two:

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LEC Week 2 Day 2 Results

LEC Week 2 Day 2

SK Gaming vs EXCEL (w)

Day two was opened with a clash between two of the teams sat at the bottom of the ladder, SK Gaming and EXCEL, and it was a comfortable win for EXCEL.

EXCEL was controlling the game with a gold lead throughout, they managed to finish the game with 6k more than SK Gaming while taking 17 kills to nine in what was a bloodfest.

SK Gaming took five of EXCEL’s towers while losing nine. However, they had an equal number of dragons.

Despite this, EXCEL proved too much claiming two Barons and finishing the game with a push through a single inhibitor to win the game

MAD Lions (w) vs Astralis

The game between MAD Lions and Astralis was a very close one, either team could have one but MAD Lions proved too much for Astralis and took the win.

The game was filled with kills with MAD Lions taking 18 while Astralis took 14, it was MAD’s Mid Laner and ADC that lead the damage share with 30% and 33% respectively that led the line.

Objective-wise, the game was even closer with both teams taking five towers. SK Gaming took three dragons, however, while Astralis claimed a Baron and one Dragon.

Despite the Baron going over to Astralis, MAD Lions took the win in what was a very close and thrilling game.

Team BDS vs Rogue (w)

The third game of the day featured the unbeaten Rogue vs struggling BDS, and this game was another easy win for Rogue.

Rogue finished the game with a 12k gold lead while taking 16 kills and only four deaths.

It wasn’t just the kills that Rogue dominated in, their objective game was also in complete control, with Rogue claiming nine towers while BDS only managing to take two, not only that but Rogue claimed four dragons and one Baron.

This was an easy win for Rogue as they continue to show why they are one of the best teams in the LEC.

Fnatic (w) vs Misfits

The end of week two saw Fnatic continuing their unbeaten streak with five wins, and in this game, they absolutely destroyed Misfits with a 24-minute victory one of the fastest of the season so far.

They finished the game with nearly a 10k gold lead, with every single lane winning on gold.

The game saw Fnatics’ ADC Upset completely dominating the game with the biggest damage share of 28% as well as half of their 17 kills.

It wasn’t just the kills and gold that they dominated in, as Fnatic claimed seven towers only losing two, as well as taking one baron and three of the dragons.

It was another comfortable win for Fnatic, and they continued to display why they are one of the favourites for the Spring Split LEC title.

G2 vs Vitality (w)

This game was the game of the week seeing a strong G2 face off against ‘Super Team’ Vitality, and the big question is will G2 prevent Vitality from winning their second game?

Well, the answer was a simple no, Vitality absolutely destroyed G2 with a 10k gold lead as well as every Lane dominating in gold.

It was Vitality’s Top lane however who carried the game with his monster 40% damage share as well as a 4.1k gold lead over his opponent.

Vitality claimed six towers to two, as well as taking one Baron and four Dragons.

This was a clear display of why Vitality is being called LEC’s ‘Super Team’ and you can expect much more from them.

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