WWE Superstar explains he has ‘freedom’ in current storylines

  • Ash Rose

The 24/7 Championship skits have become one of the most creative segments on WWE TV, and one Superstar has revealed how involved he’s become in their content.

The championship can boast the likes of The Gobbledy Gooker, The Million Dollar Man and Kane as former champions, but more recently it’s the work that former champ Reggie has put into the stories that has given the title fresh impetus.

Reggie, who made his name in Cirque du Soleil, has brought that acrobatic style to the 24//7 segments, and made them a real highlight of Monday Night Raw. And, the 28-year-old old has revealed to WWE Kids Magazine that he’s been part of the process of putting the skits together.

“I’ve been heavily involved. They’ve given me the freedom to have fun and push my limits. Someone can’t just say ‘do this’, they ask me ‘Can you do this?’ or ‘What can you do?’ and I’ve had a big input in those.

Finding ways to make it more fun and more creative. It’s been really fun. R-Truth has made those skits so legendary, but when I came in, I gave it something different and a breath of fresh air.”

We’ve seen Reggie jump over buildings and across ice-cream trucks during his two 24/7 Championship runs, and nothing has thus far phased that neither him nor those in the creative team. The only remit he’s had been to keep things as safe as possible.

“Nothing’s been rejected as they are very confident in me. They know I won’t push things too far to where it’s dangerous. They’ve been times when they’ve asked ‘Are you sure you want to do that? and I’ve just done it, everyone has smiled, and it’s all been fine.

They always say safety first, so we know we can say let’s go crazy, but be safe at the same time.”

This Saturday WWE will host Royal Rumble in Reggie’s hometown of St Louis, and although he is yet to be added to the rumble match, the ex-Sommelier has fond memories of watching the event. Unsurprisingly picking out the acrobatic escapes of Kofi Kingston has some of his highlights.

“A lot of my special memories are of Kofi Kingston and him escaping the eliminations in a very clever way, not let his feet hit the ground. Things like that.

There’s also the Rumble where you had Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H and The Hurricane and he’s trying to chokeslam them both, that’s so good. I love funny things and I love the high-flying acrobatic stuff; those things always draw my attention.”

Read more from Reggie in a future issue of WWE Kids Magazine.

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