Valorant Mobile: Leak Reveals that Release Date is Some Way Off

Here's everything you need to know about the leak around the release date

Valorant Mobile is one of the most anticipated releases for fans of Riot Games in quite some time, and now dataminers appear to have discovered how far along in development the new title is.

Mobile versions of Riot titles are of course not out of the ordinary, with League of Legends: Wild Rift being a hugely successful version of LoL on mobile.

Whilst gamers are hoping to get their hands on the mobile version of Valorant as soon as possible, new leaks seem to indicate that we are still quite a way off of the retail version being available for download.

Here’s everything you need to know regarding the latest leaks surrounding Valorant Mobile and when fans can expect to see it available to download.

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Valorant Mobile Leak

According to one of the more prominent leakers of Valorant content, Valor Leaks, it is going to be some time until the game is made available.

Apparently, the title is still in development and we do not have a publicly confirmed release window as to when the mobile version of the hugely popular eSports title will be released.

They tweeted: “Valorant Mobile is still in development for anyone asking. It won’t be releasing for a while.”

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A number of fans reacted to the leak on Twitter, and the overwhelming feeling from Valorant players is that they actually don’t appear to want the game to even come out at all on mobile devices.

The biggest issue appears to be the worry that Riot Games will have crossplay between the original version of Valorant and the mobile iteration of the game.

Whilst this isn’t the case, there is still worry that controller support and aim assist will become part of the core mechanics if there was a cross-pollination of mobile and PC versions.

One player would write “real talk who is in even asking for this lol?” Whilst another would mention how controller support is concerning for players of the OG version of the game: “Ngl its fine if they release VAL mobile but please, no aim assist that is gonna ruin the whole experience for us.”

It looks like we’re quite a way off knowing when Valorant Mobile will be released, but hopefully, we will get more official information from Riot soon!


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