Gerard Pique: Full details of contract Barcelona star signed under Bartomeu has been leaked

Full details of Gerard Pique's contract he signed with Bartomeu has been leaked

Gerard Pique’s wages have been a major talking point in recent months.

Earlier this month, journalist Lluis Canut, speaking on Spanish TV3 programme Onze, claimed that Pique was still earning £450,000-per-week at Barcelona.

That led to Pique taking to Twitter to refute the claims.

The defender posted a screenshot of his bank statement to ‘prove’ that his salary had been halved.

The screenshot showed a figure of £2 million. Pique wrote alongside the figure: “Characters like this charging for public television to defend their friends. Here are 50% of my payroll earned on December 30th. Respect yourself a little.”


It is still unclear whether the figure Pique posted was his monthly salary, annual salary or a bonus.

The contract that he initially signed with Barcelona under Josep Maria Bartomeu has now been revealed.

Full details of Gerard Pique's contract he signed with Bartomeu has been leaked

And the figures are just crazy. 

According to Sport, Pique and Barca agreed to a €28 million-per-year deal.

His net salary was €16m-per-year, plus a loyalty bonus of €7.5m and a €3.3m performance bonus.

The bonuses will only be applied if he plays at least 30% of games in the 2021/22 season and 40% in the 2022/23 season.

But that’s not all. Pique and Barca also agreed that he would be paid a hefty €12m when he retired.

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Imagine being paid that much money to leave your job?! 

Now, Pique has since agreed to lower his wages and defer part of his contract, meaning he isn’t getting these exact terms anymore.

Pique deserves credit for wanting to help his club as much as possible and he was one of the first to come to Barca’s rescue at their time of need.

But the contract he signed with Bartomeu is just ridiculous. It’s no wonder Barca got into so much financial trouble when you look at the terms of the contract he gave to Pique.

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