Floyd Mayweather is charging ridiculous amount for personalised message


Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has become the most expensive celebrity on Cameo.

Cameo is a video service that allows fans to request personalised messages from their favourite sport stars, singers and actors. Messages can range from simple hellos to birthday wishes or congratulatory messages.

Mayweather is the latest sporting legend to join the service, charging a whopping $15,000 per message for anything ranging from motivational speeches to boxing tips.

This remarkable fee is much more than fellow boxing legend Mike Tyson, who charges a measly £415 in comparison for his messages. 

Mayweather has released a video advert promoting the fact he has joined Cameo, saying: “I’m the most expensive celebrity on Cameo and the first celebrity to go commercial with Stardam images.

“With my partners at Stardam images and Cameo, you can have me customise messages.”


According to TMZ, the superstar also said he wants to be the first celebrity to make $1 million on Cameo. 

So far, Money has one review on Cameo, with the buyer leaving a five-star rating and a simple message that reads: “Thank you!”

Meanwhile, Tyson has 32 reviews on the site, with an impressive review average of 4.9 stars. However, due to an overwhelming amount of requests, he is currently not making any videos.

One delighted fan wrote: “This way went beyond our highest expectations. We were seriously gobsmacked! What an OMG genius moment!.”


The only negative review on his page came from a disgruntled user who only left two stars and said: “Very short for the money charged.”

In a dream world, Tyson said we would have loved to come together with Mayweather in the ring. 

When asked which fighter from any era and any weight division he would take if he could, Tyson immediately responded with “Mayweather.” 

Just imagine the hype for that fight… and the fight itself! If only.

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