Epic Seven Best Hero Tier List (January 2022)

Here's the Heroes tier list for Epic Seven in January 2022

Epic Seven is a massively popular gacha game for mobile, but what are the current rankings for heroes in the game?

Whilst some elements of the game are subjective, we can outline who the best characters are to use right now by general consensus.

Certain tier lists are based on the PvP and PvE content usability in the game, and we’ve got a full tier list based on who players would be wise to pick playing the game in 2022.

Here is the full tier list for the currently available characters in Epic Seven in 2022.

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Epic Seven

Epic Seven Tier List 2022

Here is the full tier list for Epic Seven in 2022:

Double S Tier

Arbiter Vildred

  • His Ultimate skill cooldown does not come into effect when an enemy is defeated using his Ultimate.
  • Second skill can regenerate his current health and it also adds 100% Combat Readiness and Full Focus as a buff.


  • This Hero is good for clearing waves of monsters using his Ultimate and passive skills.
  • Vildred can be used for farming and levelling heroes, especially on Banshee Hunts.

Seaside Bellona

  • Can automatically activate a skill when Focus is stacked up to 5.
  • Bellona can inflict Defence Break and Unhealable debuffs.

Martial Artist Ken

  • Ken can inflict AoE Defence Break on enemies, which is a massively useful skill.
  • MAK also has a 100% chance to Counterattack when taking damage from a Critical Hit.


  • Dizzy can inflict many debuff skills in-game.
  • All her skills are classed as an AoE attack, which is extremely helpful.
Epic Seven

S Tier


  • Second skill resets their Ultimate skill cooldown and grants an Extra Turn for players
  • Their Ultimate skill has a Penetrate effect which completely ignores enemy Defence.
  • Cermia is a really good main DPS for Golem Hunt.


  • Idol Mode gives the team Increase Attack and Combat Readiness.
  • Has a full cleanse of debuffs when Idle mode is activated.


  • Grants increased Defence to all allies.
  • Can Provoke enemies using his first skill.
  • Ultimate has Penetrate effect and its damage is proportional to caster’s lost Health.


  • Can inflict AoE defence break to enemies.
  • First skill can dispel one buff to an enemy.
  • Grants increased Attack and Critical Hit Chance to an ally and himself.

Blood Blade Karin

  • Provides huge stat boost as Health decreases.
  • Can recover health using her first skill proportional to the damage dealt.
  • Grants an extra turn when her Ultimate kills an enemy.

Champion Zerato

  • Debuff Immunity: This hero is immune to certain debuffs.
  • Activates counterattack after being debuffed and transfers those debuffs to enemies.
  • Can also inflict defense break to all enemies and grant increased Defence to himself.


  • First skill can activate his passive when an enemy’s health is less than 50%.
  • Can inflict Unhealable debuff.
  • A good DPS hero for Wyvern Hunt.


  • Their Passive skill can increase Combat Readiness of the team.
  • Recovers Health of allies when attacked by an extra attack, counterattack, or Dual Attack.
  • Can grant Barrier and Revive to all allies.


  • Has self-sufficient buff.
  • Ultimate has Penetrate effect and it also deals AoE damage.
  • Has the highest Attack stats.


  • Good sustain skill from first to Ultimate.
  • Can dispel all debuffs to all allies.
  • A good alternative for a Tank role.

Shadow Rose

  • Can inflict defence Break to an enemy.
  • Decreases Combat Readiness of enemies, thus increasing the Combat Readiness of her allies.
Epic Seven

A Tier


  • Their Ultimate can grant increased Attack and Immunity for 3 turns.
  • Vivian is a good cleave hero due to her second skill which can be activated 3 times.

Challenger Dominiel

  • Increases Combat Readiness and grants Critical Hit Chance buff to all allies.
  • Damage increases proportional to critical hit.

Watcher Schuri

  • Schuri has Increased Speed buff.
  • Ultimate skill has a Penetrate effect which ignores enemy defence.

Ruele of Light

  • Support hero for healing and also grants a barrier.
  • Can revive dead allies and restore them from full health also granting invincibility for 1 turn.

Silver Blade Aramintha

  • Aramintha Inflicts Stun and Burn debuffs to enemies, which is fantastic
  • Their Second skill is an automatic trigger when an enemy has a Burn debuff.


  • Luna is a good single target hero with her critical damage.
  • Good Defence Breaker hero.

Celestial Mercedes

  • Can inflict Unhealable debuff to enemies.
  • Second skill damage is really good against enemies with high HP.
  • Increases Combat Readiness based on the critical hits made by its ultimate.


  • Damage dealt increases proportional to the max Health of the hero.
  • Can also be a Tank and DPS unit.
  • A good Defence Breaker.


  • A great hero to dispel debuffs inflicted upon allies.
  • Can grant barriers to all allies.
Epic Seven

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