Football mascots quiz: Can you name these 20 characters from British clubs?

  • Kobe Tong

The Premier League, Football League, Scottish Premiership and beyond just wouldn’t be the same without mascots.

Is there nothing more simultaneously amusing and heartwarming than a grown man or woman entertaining the masses while dressed as massive furry animal, creature or person at a match?

The answer, just in case you’re wondering, is a big fat no because British footballing culture holds mascots close to its heart with their loveable ridiculousness bringing joy to fans young and old.

Mascots in British football

Whether it’s shaking the hands of supporters with a furry paw or winding Roy Hodgson and Wilfried Zaha off the clock, mascots can do it all to make sure a match day is even more entertaining.

However, appreciating the weird and wonderful world of British footballing mascots is one thing and knowing your Monty Magpie from your Changy the Elephant is another thing entirely.

As such, we wanted to test your knowledge on mascots by presenting you with 20 of the furriest and friendliest faces up and down the country to see if you can remember what they’re called.

“Adama Traore to Tottenham is VERY CLOSE!” (Football Terrace)

How to mark the quiz

With everything from eels to dinosaurs and pies to boilers coming up, only true experts of the British game will be able to identify all 20 mascots and get full marks in the process.

In fact, on that note, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a mark scheme that you can compare your score against once you’ve taken on the mascots – and you can check it out ahead of time here:

0-4 marks: Do you even know what a mascot is?

5-9 marks: You’re a disgrace to mascot culture

10-14 marks: You know your way around a fluffy dinosaur

15-19 marks: Clearly an away days expert

20 marks: You must be a mascot in your spare time


Ultimate football mascots quiz

Now, believe it or not, the world of football mascots is an ever-changing one, so do bear in mind that some of the mascots in the quiz may no longer be in use.

And yes, many football clubs now have multiple mascots, so remember that it’s the most officially-recognised name of the mascot that will appear in the image itself that we’re looking for.

However, enough with the disclaimers and housekeeping because you’ve got lions and dogs to name as you traverse our dastardly quiz on 20 of British football’s finest mascots down below:

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Let’s start easy: who’s this iconic character?

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