FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Leaks Reveal Cristiano Ronaldo has Won the 12th Man FUT TOTY Vote

FIFA 22: Leaks Reveal Cristiano Ronaldo has Won 12th TOTY Votes Image from EA Sports

The FIFA 22 Team of the Year Promo is currently live in Ultimate Team and leaks have revealed that Manchester United attacker Cristiano Ronaldo has won the TOTY 12th Man vote.

Team of the Year in FUT is huge and the promo is arguably the biggest and the one that players look forward to the most in Ultimate Team.

The gaming community are allowed to vote for the eleven players they believe deserved to be in the Final XI TOTY Squad, and we saw a lot of great players receive huge upgrades.

With the promo including an abundance of special cards rated 93 and above, these cards are currently the most sought on the transfer market, and they cost hundreds of thousands as well as millions to buy.

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Leaks Reveal Cristiano Ronaldo has Won the 12th Man FUT TOTY Vote

Developers EASPORTS allowed the gaming community to vote for an extra player to receive a TOTY upgrade in FUT, and the nominees were Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Mohamed Salah.

Many believed Salah deserved to be in the Final XI TOTY squad, and frustrations grew when he didn’t win the official Ballon d’Or award, but it seems like the FIFA community have decided to vote not based on footballing performances.

Instead leaks from FutSheriff and trustyfuttrader have revealed that they have decided they want to see Ronaldo receive the 12th TOTY card in order to get a huge upgrade and become a very playable card in FIFA 22.

12th Man TOTY Ronaldo FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

This is fair enough, you need meta players and despite Ronaldo’s normal card being very high rated, it doesn’t have enough agility and due to this it isn’t used much in the game.

Manchester United attacker Cristiano Ronaldo will receive a FIFA 22 FUT TOTY card

With Ronaldo’s card already 91 rated, there is no doubt that his TOTY card will be at least 95 rated or above.

This is very exciting and no doubt the FIFA community will be wanting to pack his card in the FIFA Store. This will be the best way to get him as he will most likely cost millions on the transfer market.

With the Team of the Year attackers already featuring Robert Lewandowski, Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi, players are going to come up against some frightening teams when playing Ultimate Team.

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