Cristiano Ronaldo: The story of him blocking Transfermarkt sums up his mentality

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest players to have ever played football. Some will say he is the greatest.

The Portuguese superstar has won five Ballon d’Ors, five Champions Leagues and has claimed trophies in Portugal, England, Spain and Italy.

However, there’s no denying that he’s no longer at the peak of his powers.

He will turn 37 next weekend and despite the incredible physical shape that he’s in, he’s not quite the player he once was.

Fourteen goals in 23 appearances for Manchester United this season certainly isn’t a bad return but you’re unlikely to see him running around the pitch quite like he used to.

But try telling that to the man himself. Try telling him that he’s no longer in his late twenties and capable of scoring 61 goals in a single season. He simply won’t listen.

That’s something that makes Ronaldo so great. His desire and attitude to become the best and remain the best.

An example of him simply not accepting that he’s getting on occurred last year.

It was reported that he had blocked well-renowned website, Transfermarkt. Transfermarkt offers a whole host of stats and information and is well known for providing a footballer’s market value.


However, when a certain Ronaldo saw his market value last year, it’s safe to say he wasn’t best pleased.

And now, the story that Ronaldo had blocked the website has now been confirmed by staff in an interview with The Athletic.

Daniel Busch, Transfermarkt’s UK manager, revealed how Ronaldo privately messaged the site when he felt his value was lower than it should have been.

I think we put a list (on Instagram) with 10 players, 33 and older, and he (Ronaldo) was still in first place, but he said he must be worth much more.

Christian Schwarz, Transfermarkt’s coordinator of market values, adds. “He sent a message first to our social media guys. They answered him, explained why, and told him, ‘The people in your own age group, you are by far the number one’. I think it was £30-50 million difference (between Ronaldo and the next player on the list), and then he sent some smilies, and then he blocked us.”

Cristiano Ronaldo


Some will say it’s petty.

But it’s just another example of how Ronaldo strives for greatness. He wants to be the best and think he is the best. If anyone say anything else, they’re wrong.

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