Usain Bolt: The sprinting record that was too tough for the Olympic legend in 2010 attempt

  • Kobe Tong

Usain Bolt’s records in men’s sprinting might not be beaten for decades to come.

Seldom in sporting history has one athlete come along and commanded their field of expertise with such dominance that their achievements might feasibly never be topped in a lifetime.

The Jamaican icon proudly holds the title as the fastest man in his history with his world records of 9.58 and 19.19 seconds in the 100 and 200 metres respectively seeming all but unbeatable.

Bolt’s long list of records

Throw in the 4x100m-relay world record of 36.84 set with the Jamaican team at the 2012 Olympics and it’s fair to say that Bolt’s place in sprinting history is assured forever.

However, Bolt didn’t want his record-breaking career to end with that hat-trick of feats because the track and field legend also took on some unofficial records during his time between the white lines.

In fact, Bolt holds the record for the fastest time to cover 150 metres in what might be the fastest race in history despite it not being a distance that’s contested at major competitions.

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Bolt attempts 300m world record

And Bolt even went one step further in 2010 when he attempted to become the quickest male in history over 300 metres despite typically only contesting shorter distances at the peak of his powers.

However, with the Olympic legend having a strong background in 400m-running during his younger years, there was quiet optimism that Bolt could break the world best held by Michael Johnson.

Former 200m and 400m world-record holder Johnson posted a scintillating time of 30.85 seconds in 2000 for the fastest 300m sprint in history, albeit one that had the benefit of altitude.


Bolt falls narrowly short 

So, would a prime Bolt who broke the 100m and 200m world records less than a year before be able to add yet another sprinting world record to his collection? Sadly not.

In remarkable footage that goes to show even the omnipotent Bolt is only human, he came up short with a time of 30.97 that had to settle for being the fastest time ever without altitude assistance.

However, it was a herculean effort nonetheless and one that goes to show that Bolt wasn’t afraid to take on historic challenges beyond his usual limits, so be sure to check out his attempt down below:

Not a bad effort, huh? He tore the rest of the field to shreds.

And you can tell just how disappointed Bolt was with himself when he crossed the line just over a tenth of a second behind the record knowing that Johnson’s time lived to fight another day.

But the record has been broken…

That being said, none other than Wayde van Niekerk succeeded where Bolt narrowly failed with the current 400m world-record holder becoming the first man to dip below Johnson’s feat in 2017.

At the very same meet that Bolt launched his own attempt at 300m history, the South African sprinter clocked in at 30.81 to beat both the Jamaican’s sea-level record and the overall world best.–4ARo%3Fstart%3D226

So, it just goes to show that even a sporting legend like Bolt who always seemed to tear apart his rivals couldn’t add every single record to resumé, even if he still gave it a pretty remarkable try.

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