League of Legends: New Champion Renata Leaked

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Fans are hyped after possible League of Legends Champion ‘Renata’ leaks starting to appear.

There have been many potential leaks surfacing for Riot Games’ all-new character who is believed to be named Renata. These leaks have come from several sources coming from Youtube, Twitter, and Reddit.

If Renata is to be the next champion they will be the 159th Champion of the game, believed to be a Support the developers announced that they will release an Enchanter Support.

Renata will be the second champion released in 2022 by Riot Games, the first being Zeri who came out in the middle of January.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Renata:

Who is Renata?

Riot in a video talked about how there are loads of shiny and bright Enchanters and wanted to create a more sinister and dark champion to balance out the happy and cheery enchanters that already exist.

Reav3 goes on to talk about how they want to make a champion whose theme and kit make the players feel like a boss.

The video went on to reveal a picture that is a leak towards the champion.

Many fans think that Renata could be the Chem-baron Corina Veraza from Zaun, who is currently a card in Riot’s game Legends of Runeterra, as there are similarities between the two characters’ arms shown in the cards artwork and the leaked artwork.

Renata Leaked

The first real leaks for Renata started in a supposed Skins Leak that started appearing on the 19th of January which revealed the skin name Anima Squad Renata which will be 1350 RP – that came from Twitter user SybrLoL.

A leak regarding a new Kha'Zix skin in League of Legends.

(Credit: @SybrLoL)

Seeing as though Renata doesn’t exist in the game as of yet, this could be a huge hint as to what this champion’s name is, which along with a few other Anima Squad Skins is expected to arrive in Patch 12.5.

Renata was also leaked and this seemingly is a more solid leak coming from Teamfight Tactics (TFT) where she was included in a datamined Chinese game mobile version of TFT, in which she was part of the Neon Nights update.

This was shown in a tweet by MonstrousYi which gives us a better image of what Renata could look like.

Renata Abilities in League of Legends

So far we have absolutely no knowledge of what her abilities could be, but as stated above we do know that.

However, we do know that, thanks to Riot’s developer Reav3, her Kit will probably be more upfront and expressive as he stated in the video that they will make the players feel like a ‘Boss’.

When will Renata be released to League of Legends?

Thanks to the supposed skins leak as mentioned earlier, we can expect to see Renata appear between late February to early March.

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