Final Fantasy XIV: A Basic Guide to Tanking

Tanking in Final Fantasy XIV.

Some players of Final Fantasy XIV often find themselves being scared to play Tanks, here’s everything you need to know.

Tanking can be a daunting experience for the few in any game that is an MMO (massively multiplayer online), the main ones being World of Warcraft and FFXIV.

If a player is brave enough to start playing a tank then they will find that it can be quite a fun and exciting time, being that the tank player will be the one that gets to lead their party and control what happens in a boss fight.

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Here is everything you need to know about tanks and how to play them:

Tank Basics

Tanking in Final Fantasy XIV.

In FFXIV, there is a thing called Enmity which essentially allows the player to draw aggro from a Boss or Adds (additionals).

A tank in FFXIV as their own Tank Stance (Iron Will, Royal Guard, Iron Will, and Grit) Respectively. These stances are very important for a tank to keep on as it will draw more Enmity to them thus avoiding a damage dealer from taking it away from the tank.

It is important that a Tank can identify when to provoke a boss (taunt or take the aggro off another player) as well as know when they need to use mitigation (which is the process of using a skill/spell to help prevent x amount of damage).

Tanks also have their own invulnerability skills which are used for ‘Get yourself out of Danger’ situations or what essentially would be a one-shot (Hallowed Ground, Super Bolide, Holmgang, and Living Dead).

Tanks are also required to deal damage as well as tanking the boss and keeping their party safe using Raid Wide skills such as reprisal.

Tanking in Dungeons

While tanking in a Dungeon, the player is required to draw all adds to themselves by using an AOE (Area of effect) skill hitting as many of the adds as possible while keeping their Tank Stance on.

The player must keep the party in mind, especially the healer as it is possible to draw aggro from too many adds which in turn may lead to a wipe (Party Dying).

Once you have cleared the adds you will eventually go into a Boss Room where you will be required to use several different mitigations to stay alive, while trying to keep the Boss turned away from the party, while also handling several mechanics which you will be able to see on the ground.

You will repeat the previous sections a few times, usually do around 3 Bosses in a Dungeon with Adds in-between.

Tanking in a Trial

Tanking in Final Fantasy XIV.

Playing as a tank in a trial is a more simple task but more than often a lot harder, The reason for this is that you will only deal with one Boss, who does more damage and takes longer to kill than a boss in a dungeon.

While battling in a Trial tanks may be required to swap depending on the mechanics of the boss, if they are not required the ‘Main Tank’ will be required to maintain aggro of the boss throughout the Trail so that the boss doesn’t keep moving around.

The player will also need to make sure that they keep using their mitigation to receive less damage, which will make it easier for their Healers to manage to heal their tank and damage the boss.

Tanks may sometimes be required to use their Invunerabilites to stay alive from bigger hits.

Tanking in Raids

When a player is confident enough they may decide that they want to take on harder content or what is considered ‘End Game’ content Raiding, more specifically Savage Raiding.

A Savage Raid is where you and your party which is often a pre-made party come together to learn the mechanics of the raid, which may take a few hours up to several days depending on the parties skill level.

Tanks will be required to do somewhat the same as what they need to do in a Trial but with more things to do in-between.

There will be two tanks the Main Tank and the Off Tank, the Main Tank is the one who leads the raid and takes most control over the boss until they are hit by a mechanic that requires the Off Tank to use ‘Provoke’ while the Main Tank uses shirk.

Both tanks will need to use their Mitigations strategically throughout the raid so that they will have the ability to use it for other attacks from the boss. Not only that but both tanks will almost certainly need to use their Invunerabilities to avoid certain death.

Everyone in the party will at some point have to do mechanics that either is specifically aimed at the tank or required to be taken by the tank to avoid wiping the party or killing several Party members.

All of this will be needed to be done for anywhere between 6-12 minutes depending on how long it takes to kill the boss.

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