League of Legends: Best TFT Comps and How to Play Them

Teamfight Tactics in League of Legends

Many players of League of Legends Teamfight Tactics (TFT) ask themselves what they should play in this game mode – well look no further!

TFT can often be a confusing game mode to play in LoL for some, as you are required to build up an army with certain team compositions (comps) and certain items whilst having random number generators (RNG) on your side.

But within a game of TFT, there is always a certain meta that often leads to players doing better than others if they successfully build the stronger composition.

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Well, thanks to the help from Giant Slayer on Youtube, we can see what exactly is good in the meta right now and might earn you more top-four finishes if you can pull it off.

With that being said let’s take a look at the five best TFT comps right now:

Best TFT Comps in League of Legends

Teamfight Tactics in League of Legends

(5) – Challenger

The Challenger comp excels due to its Attack Speed Boost which has one of the best scalings for any auto-attacking champs with carries such as Yone, Kai’sa and Fiora who all do huge amounts of damage.

Yone’s Clone effectively doubles his damage output or Kai’sa who fires more missiles depending on how many auto attacks she has done beforehand.

Playing Yone also means running Academy which also has great stat synergy as well as having a strong frontline with Leona or Braum, or having great Utility in Yuumi, Orianna, or Janna.

(4) – Urgot/Chemtech

This is all about playing safe, if you choose to play Urgot Chemtech you are almost guaranteed to reach the top four.

The reason this is so strong is because of Urgot’s slight buff while nerfing some of the TFTs meta.

Chemtech is very easy to build due to its champions being low cost and appearing more earlier on.

Dr Mundo, Lissandra, Singed, Zac are all great champions to have in the comp with Kog’maw being added for Twinshot to make Urgot stronger, Be sure to add items onto your Urgot.

Look out for Last Whisper, Runaan’s Hurricane, and Guardian Angel all items that are great on Urgot. Alternatives are Statikk Shiv and Infinity Edge. However, Guardian Angel’s and Runaan’s Hurricane are vital to hitting multiple champions while he revives.

(3) – Arcanist

Lux is still huge in the current Meta who is strengthened with extra Utility from Orianna, and Yuumi, while building a front line with champions like Braum.

Viktor is also a lot stronger than before so try high rolling him to win extra rounds easier.

The composition isn’t too complicated you can either build six Arcanists with Lux as your carry or four Arcanists plus a couple of utility champions.

Try to get Lux with a Blue Buff, Jeweled Gauntlett, with Infinity Edge, the reason for these is because Lux with a big crit can quickly remove any pesky carries before they can be shielded.

However, Arcanists is heavily countered by Assassin comps but there is a positional counter to this by constantly moving your board around.

(2) – Imperial

Imperials have been constantly buffed, with not just the assassin comp being viable as multiple versions can be played.

The main way to play this will be Talon reroll which looks for three to five Imperials as well as two or four assassins.

Give your Talon Infinity Edge, Rapid Fire Cannon and a Quicksilver and you are looking towards placing in the top four.

Another variant for a Talon version is whether or not you can find an emblem for imperials or an augment if you cannot find five imperials.

The Assassin Emblem can be helpful to give to Samira who is also another way to carry while playing Imperials, which you can do with just three imperials.

The Core of the comp is Talon, Sion, and Samira, you can run Swain however he is not a necessity unless you are running five.

Emblems can make or break your comp. Try to add synergies to Talon or Samira and you are set for a top-four finish.

(1) – Syndicate

Syndicate is essentially another way to play assassin carries like Shaco, Akali, Talon, and Katarina.

Syndicate’s active trait is what makes assassins so powerful, it provides stats to your main carries which is what they tend to lack in, which is going to make Akali and Shaco last longer in the fight.

Syndicate is one of the strongest early games, as well as being cheap to build.

However, you do want to find Akali later which is a five cost unit, two champions are great for helping mid-game with Twisted Fate being an item holding champion while Shaco is your mid-game carry.

Find a Shaco three or Akali two for a certain top four, as well as your comp, which is made up of Braum, Darius, Shaco, Zyra, and Twisted Fate.

Add an Ekko or another Assassin as well as a utility champion like Janna when you hit level eight add one more Assassin and that completes out your comp.

Emblems for Assassin or Syndicate are essential to help you get that extra boost or Syndicate.

Infinity Edge is key as it can be used on all Assassins. Shaco uses Last Whisper, Infinity Edge, Giant Slayer, Runaan’s Hurricane and Guardians Angel. Akali can use an Infinity Edge and Blue buff.

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