Australian Open: Daniil Medvedev brands umpire stupid in spectacular on-court rant


There was an air of controversy surrounding this year’s Australian Open tournament before a ball had been hit.

The circus surrounding world Number 1 seed Novak Djokovic attracted global media attention.

Since the decision was made to exclude the reigning Australian Open champion and World Number 1 seed, it appeared the perfect opportunity for Russian Star Daniil Medvedev to add to his Grand Slam tally, having already picked up the US Open.

Medvedev overcame number 4 seed Stefano Tsitsipas in the semi-final, setting up a mouth-watering final against the record-chasing Rafael Nadal.

But as Tennis fans have come to expect of Medvedev, his semi-final triumph did not come without controversy.

The 25-year-old Russian has gained a reputation for his short temper as he’s climbed up the world rankings.

Therefore, nobody in the world of Tennis will be surprised to hear of another one. Towards the end of the second set, Medvedev unleashed a tirade of abuse following a double-fault which would give the opportunity for Tsitsipas to serve for the set.

Medvedev felt that the young Greek’s father/coach was giving him instruction from between points. Jaume Campistol was the umpire on the night and did not feel this was the case.

During the break, Medvedev queried “…can his father talk every point?” and repeated this question with the occasional insult thrown in for good measure.

When the Spanish Umpire responded to Medvedev’s claim, Last year’s finalist responded, “You are so bad, man!” Before going on to question how the officiating can be this bad at a Grand Slam semi-final.

Despite going on to lose that set, Medvedev was almost flawless from that point on. He went on to take the next 2 sets and win the match 3-1 and is now the heavy favourite to win the tournament.


Reflecting on the incident, Medvedev regretted his outburst and knows that the umpires are “…trying to do their best”. But the overriding emotion seemed to be relief.

So often in years gone by have we seen these outbursts be turning points for the Russian, so Medvedev certainly deserves credit for wrestling back control and focusing on the job at hand.

This could be the sign of a new Daniil who is able to reset his emotions after an inevitable outburst, or it could be an occasion where the world number 2 dodged a bullet as his opponent did not have sufficient experience to take advantage of his heightened emotions.

But one thing can be agreed on, these outbursts damage Medvedev’s chances of winning Tennis Tournaments. In his own words he “has been working on it”.

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