Rocket League: How to Speed Flip?

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Rocket League is enjoyed by thousands across the globe and we have all the details around how you can speed flip in the car football game.

Developers Psyonix created the series back in 2015, and it has been so successful that it has maintained its success for nearly six years now.

With the introduction of new seasons, as well as new content being released consistently with huge collaborations, and we cannot see it losing its popularity anytime soon.

Players are always looking for new ways and tips to improve their gaming skills in Rocket League, and speed flipping will definitely give you an advantage over your opponents in the game.

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One of those ways is by speed flipping your car – scroll down to find out exactly how to do it.

What is a Speed Flip?

Those who play Rocket League know that flipping is crucial in the game to get your car moving quick, and Speed Flipping is the fastest way to do this movement. It causes your car to somersault whilst moving rapidly in the air.

How do you Speed Flip in Rocket League?

Speed Flipping is easy once you know how to do it, and takes a bit of time to perfect. Just follow these simple steps: 

  • Perform a single jump by pressing X on Playstation and A on Xbox)
  • You then secondary jump with the left stick (L3 on both Playstation and Xbox) pointing Up-left to begin a diagonal left Front Flip
  • When you have done this, you have to immediately cancel the flip animation with the left stick (L3 on both Playstation and Xbox) pointing down-left and also holding Air Roll
  • You then continue to hold down-left on the left stick (L3 on both Playstation and Xbox) whilst holding Air Roll.
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When is it good to use a Speed Flip?

What is so great about doing a speed flip is the fact that it allows a player to get to the ball with a flip and they will hold their car nose forward the whole time.

A normal flip doesn’t allow you to keep your nose forward the whole time. Being able to keep your nose forward the whole time will help you be more accurate when you are shooting or passing in Rocket League. It also gives them a great speed boost.

If you are struggling to perfect the speed flip, then practice it in friendlies or in the arena, instead of diving straight into ranked play. It shouldn’t take you long to perfect at all

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