Fabrizio Romano: Day in the life video of the man with football's most fascinating job


Here we go!

Every football fan is on the lookout for these three short words from insider Fabrizio Romano during the transfer window.

One of the best in the business, Romano has established himself as a must-follow on social media.

He’s typically on the beat on all of the biggest transfer rumours, providing updates as he gets them.

And when he’s ready to confirm an agreement is in place, he drops those three sweet words.

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Romano sits in Tier 1

Romano’s following on Twitter is currently 6.6 million and his platform has grown to include a podcast and regular Twitch streams, too.

In a world where more and more people are claiming to be ‘in the know’, the transfer window can be quite foggy.

But Romano proudly sits in Tier 1 when it comes to providing reliable, trustworthy news.


A day in the life of Fabrizio Romano

Yet when you see the work that Romano puts in, it’s easy to understand how he got into that position.

Back in 2019, Bleacher Report followed the insider around for a day during the summer transfer window to see how he worked.

It provided a fascinating glimpse into the life of a football insider and the level of effort that’s involved.

“My life is to find news and to be sure that news is absolutely confirmed,” Romano says.

“I do, I think, 50 calls in a day. I go to the hotels because here in Italy we have like managers, like sport directors, like agents, always in the hotels in the centre of Milan.


“I always try to find something important in these hotels or the headquarters of the clubs and then to check this news with clubs or with other sources to be sure it will be the best possible.”

At the time, Chris Smalling is close to joining Roma on loan from Manchester United.

It’s remarkable to watch as Romano tracks the progress of the move, to the point where he’s ready to tweet the news.

“When we talk about Manchester United, I know people get crazy,” he says.

Check out the video below.

To any aspiring journalist or insider, that’s how it’s done.

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