Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou earnings: Boxer's payday compared to UFC star's


Tyson Fury will earn 49 times more than his UFC equivalent Francis Ngannou for his fight against Dillian Whyte.

It shows just how much more lucrative heavyweight boxing is than the UFC for fighters due to the pay discrepancies – and it may be the reason why so many mixed-martial artists are making the transition to boxing.

The Gypsy King will take home $29.5 million for his fight with Whyte, which is 49 times the amount Ngannou took home against Ciryl Gane at UFC 270.

The Predator is rumoured to have only earned $600k for his most recent fight, which is an extraordinary difference to what Fury earns.

People will argue that boxing earns way more money than the UFC and is much more popular. That may be the case, but for one of the biggest names in the sport to earn less than $1 million means that lower-rated fighters and people trying to make their name in the UFC will have to really put in the hard yards to get a good payday.

This will call into question UFC president Dana White’s running of the sport and he has repeatedly been questioned about whether he underpays his fighters, but has always denied it.

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul and former boxing superstar Oscar De La Hoya have been amongst the critics of the 52-year-old.


Back in December, he said: “Most UFC fighters make more than boxers, especially at a lower level.

“Then, the guys; the Khabibs, the Conors, the Rondas, you know, even the Jon Joneses.

“These guys make more than most of these guys fighting for big title fights.

“Don’t believe the bulls***, don’t believe all the stuff you hear. These guys make a lot of money.”

Ngannou has been linked to a switchover to boxing recently to possibly fight Fury at one stage in a mouth-watering bout.


The 35-year-old started boxing when he was 22, but at 26, he was persuaded to join MMA by former trainer Fernand Lopez.

More and more UFC fighters will surely consider a switch to boxing if they’re offered it due to the possible improved payday that they may achieve.

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