Peter Crouch once sold Aston Martin for £20k loss because of Man Utd legend Roy Keane

  • Rob Swan

Peter Crouch spent big money on an Aston Martin during his spell with Liverpool before selling the luxury car one week later after Roy Keane spotted him driving it.

Crouch joined Liverpool from Southampton in July 2005 for a £7 million fee and, after a slow start at Anfield, went on to score 42 goals in 134 games for the Merseyside outfit over the next three seasons.

The 6ft 7in striker was also a regular in the England squad around this time and netted an impressive 22 goals in 42 appearances for his country.

After making it to the top of his profession, Crouch decided to treat himself to an Aston Martin.

But rather than feeling like James Bond, Crouch admits he never felt comfortable while driving it.


And when Manchester United legend Keane spotted him, the former Premier League star decided he had no option but to sell.

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“I’d always been quite reserved with my car choices but I was playing for Liverpool, I was playing for England and I thought ‘you know, I can make the step up now, I’m worthy’, so I bought an Aston Martin,” Crouch told talkSPORT in 2018.

“I was only four or five days in driving it, I was a little bit embarrassed anyway, I didn’t feel comfortable in it all. I was driving through Cheshire, pulled up at some lights alongside Roy Keane and he looked at me like I was something on the bottom of his shoe!


(Image credit: talkSPORT)

“I had the shades on, listening to garage music, thinking I was the man and he firmly let me know I wasn’t the man!

“As he sped off, I looked at myself in the mirror and I sold the car that week. I took about a 20 grand hit on it.”

You can watch Crouch telling the funny anecdote here:

One glare and a few choice words from the terrifying Keane was enough to convince Crouch to sell his dream car.


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