Jamie Carragher: Liverpool legend mocked Wayne Rooney's hairline during MNF interview

Jamie Carragher just couldn't resist...

Jamie Carragher is without question one of the best football pundits in the world.

The Liverpool legend’s work with Sky Sports has been exceptional down the years, particularly on the Monday Night Football programme.

Alongside former rival and Manchester United icon Gary Neville, Carragher dissects the previous weekend’s matches brilliantly.

And as well as providing elite-level analysis, Carragher adds a bit of humour and there are many hilarious clips of him in the studio down the years.

One of the very best features fellow Premier League great, Wayne Rooney.

After an Everton match against Swansea – one in which Rooney scored from the penalty spot – Carragher interviewed his former England colleague from the MNF studio and he couldn’t resist going into full savage mode.

Carragher & Rooney on MNF

Rooney tried to poke fun at his mate about the shirt he’d seen him wearing, claiming that Chelsea legend John Terry – who was a guest on the programme – looked far sharper.

And after having a little giggle, Carragher fired back and mocked Rooney’s hairline.

Video: Carragher savagely mocks Rooney on MNF

Rooney said: “I’ve seen when you were in your casual gear. I have to say JT was looking OK but Carra your top was horrendous!”

To which Carragher replied: “A bit like your hairline!”

Brutal stuff from the Sky Sports regular. Rooney took the insult like an absolute champ, though.

Carragher & Rooney in action

The Manchester United legend got revenge on Carragher the next time he was in the MNF studio in February 2018 for a Chelsea vs Watford match.

Right at the start of the programme, Rooney said: “It’s great to be here.

“To be honest this is probably the closest Carra ever got to me so I’m sure he’ll enjoy it as well.”

Well played, Wazza.

We will likely not be seeing Rooney back in the MNF studio for quite some time, as he’s currently working his socks off as Derby County manager.

If the 36-year-old manages to keep them in the Championship after they suffered a -21 points deduction, it will be one of the greatest footballing stories ever told.

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