Chris Eubank Jr vs Liam Williams: The Gloves Are Off is absolute gold

  • Tom Ward
Liam Williams calls Chris Eubank Jr 'an embarrassment' to the family name

Chris Eubank Jr took things up a notch in his war-of-words with Liam Williams by warning his upcoming opponent ‘this fight is personal’. 

The 32-year-old Next Gen takes on the Welshman this weekend at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff. 

And the pair certainly pulled no punches as they went face-to-face on the latest episode of Sky Sports‘ ‘The Gloves Are Off’ last night. 

Both men have an obvious dislike for one another, with Eubank Jr branding Williams a keyboard warrior for not keeping that same energy ‘in the press conference’. 

The son of British boxing legend Eubank Sr started off by saying: “Usually it’s just business for me but this fight is personal.

“Nothing about me isn’t real, pretend, I don’t put on an act.

“I don’t talk a big game on social media and then try and backtrack when I’m in front of somebody, which is what he did in the press conference.”

Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Williams face-to-face at the press conference

Williams, meanwhile, was quick to fire back at Eubank, as he called him ‘an embarrassment’ to the family name.

He interjected: “Let me tell you something, you do put on an act.

“I’m never going to backtrack. I am ready, that’s all that matters.  

“You’re the most fake person I know, nothing is real about you. Your fake beard, your fake hairline, your fake teeth.

Chris Eubank Jr is slightly taller than Liam Williams

“Nothing is real about you. So shut your mouth. I respect your ability but I don’t respect you.”

The 29-year-old added: “I don’t like this man, I just think he is a total clown.

“He is just running off the Eubank name and if I am being totally honest I think he is an embarrassment to the Eubank name.

“He isn’t half the fighter that his father was. 

Chris Eubank Jr (left) and Liam Williams (right)

“He is more interested in being a celebrity than a real fighter, if you ask me.”

But Eubank retaliated and warned: “Celebrity? Celebrity hasn’t kept me in the game for 10 years and won me 31 fights.

“If you’re not the real deal, you don’t win, you don’t get the following or the fandom that I have.

“If I am a fake, why has he been calling me out?

Chris Eubank Jr is a two-time middleweight titleholder

“I will do whatever it takes for him to not see the 12th round. I’ve got all the bases covered and I’m confident we will get the job done on the night.”

Eubank has also set his sights on a showdown with IBF middleweight king Gennady Golovkin, insisting he will be the first since Canelo Alvarez to defeat the knockout artist.

The former two-time IBO middleweight champion has been eyeing a lucrative clash with the Kazakh star for the last five years. 

He added: “After this fight I am ready to fight Golovkin. This is a big name, big name domestically. After I take this guy out 2022 is where the world title is coming.

Liam Williams previously challenged Demetrius Andrade

‘I thought he had a big mouth but he has big thumbs, on his phone on Twitter.

“He has a hell of a lot to say online but when it came down to it, bottlejob, turncoat. You’re a turncoat, you talk a big game but when it comes down to it you’re not about that life.’

Williams admitted: “It will be difficult to dent his confidence because he is a confident guy. That’s how his dad was as well.

“Confidence doesn’t win fights. You need to back it up. You need to stand and have a punch-up. That’s what I’m about.

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“I am going to keep calm, going in with what we have set out to do. I don’t need to get angry with this guy, as long as I go in with the right plan and execute it, I am going to punch his head in.

“There is being confident and then there is being plain stupid. Clown.”

However, Eubank would soon have the final say, adding: “Boxing, fighting, brawling, whatever he wants to do we are going to do it. You’re not going to see the 12th round.”

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