Pokemon Legends Arceus Gyro Controls: How to Unlock

Here's how you can unlock gyro controls in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus is a vastly different experience for players who are used to the series, and Gyro controls are a major new element for the iconic franchise.

In prior Pokemon games, players would be able to select a Poke Ball from the menu during battle.

Arceus is very different, with players having to do far more than just flicking a finger, like in Pokemon Go, or selecting the right type of ball on Shield or Sword.

Here’s everything you need to know about unlocking and selecting Gyro controls in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus

How to Unlock Gyro Controls in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Arceus isn’t the only game on the Nintendo Switch that includes gyroscope/motion controls, and it likely won’t be the last.

There have been players online complaining about the lack of gyro controls in Pokemon Legends Arceus, but it just turns out that they did not know how to enable them in the game.

Weirdly, Arceus does not make it clear that it actually has Gyro controls in the game, and some players have had to stumble on it through the settings.

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Here is how you can access Gyro controls in the game:

  • When you’re in the game press UP on the D-Pad to open your satchel
  • Then, use ZR or ZL to go through to the Help tab on the far right of the satchel screen.
  • From here, make sure that you scroll down to Settings
  • About halfway down the screen you will see Motion Sensitivity
  • Motion Sensitivity is set to 0 by default, but you can find a motion setting that works for you
  • There are motion sensitivity settings with options of 1 to 3
  • Once you’ve found a sensitivity setting that works for you, you’re free to keep going!

It’s worth noting that the motion controls work whilst either using the Joy-Con controllers unattached to the console.

You can also use the inbuilt gyro controls in the Nintendo Switch Lite or a Pro Controller.

Hopefully, this will help you with getting increased accuracy with catching Pokemon in Legends Arceus!

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Legends Arceus

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