PUBG New State: How to Recruit other Players (Including Enemies)

PUBG New State: How to Recruit other Players (Including Enemies)

PUBG New State is a great mobile game available on both iOS and Android mobile devices, and we can reveal how to recruit other players, including enemies, in the game.

PUBG is a great franchise in the gaming industry, and arguably one of the best in the modern gaming world.

Their success on PC, Playstation and Xbox has seen the developers release PUBG New State on mobile phones. Since it was released in November 2021, it has been enjoyed by many.

There are a lot of cool features you can do in this game, one being recruiting other players in the game, and we have revealed how you can do this down below.

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How to Recruit other Players (Including Enemies) in PUBG New State

As always, when a game comes out, it takes players a few months to understand everything, and there are a lot of questions players ask.

Recruiting other players is crucial as you will not always be able to play with your team, or you might want to switch your teammates to try and get a better chance of winning. Here is how you can recruit other players:

  •  First of all you will need to do an enemy, but not fully kill them.
  • When you have done this, you have to go over to their downed body and from here you can choose to recruit them.
  • To recruit them, you will see a hand appear on your screen. Click the hand to send the offer.
  • If the other player accepts the offer, you will automatically revive them, and then, they will be in your squad.
PUBG New State: How to Recruit other Players (Including Enemies)

Some important things to note is the fact that you cannot recruit more than four players, as this is the maximum allowed in a squad. If you already have the maximum in the squad, but still want to switch, you have to wait until a team mate is downed to make the switch.

In a match you can recruit players eight times. This cap means that if you try to recruit someone in the same game for the ninth time, you cannot do so until you are in a new match. 

This is a pretty exciting feature and one that is quite different from other mobile games.

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