Lampard, Ferdinand & McManaman explaining how to become a top footballer was fascinating

A fascinating bit of TV featuring three Premier League legends

Becoming a top Premier League footballer is incredibly difficult.

In fact, that is a serious understatement, as only a miniscule percentage of those that attempt to reach that level succeed in doing so.

It requires an incredible amount of talent, dedication and mental toughness, while everyone aspiring to play at the very highest level must also come to terms with the fact that they will have to make a number of sacrifices.

In December 2017, Premier League legends Frank Lampard, Rio Ferdinand and Steve McManaman discussed the topic in-depth on BT Sport’s ‘Premier League Tonight’ programme and the segment really was fascinating.

The trio – who starred at Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool respectively – provided some incredible insight, which every young footballer should take onboard.

Check out the brilliant eight-minute conversation in its entirety here…

Video: Lampard, Ferdinand & McManaman explain how to become a top PL footballer

Brilliant, just brilliant.

At the start of the video, Lampard says: “Some young players just don’t understand the standards needed.

“They step up into the dressing room, they’ve done well in the youth team or reserves or whatever it is and all of a sudden, they don’t clock on. A lot of players don’t get that standard, hard work, focus, how you live your life, what you do, they don’t get it.”

That really is a key point. Far too many players blessed with immense natural talent take their foot of the gas when they make the step up and then get caught up in the celebrity lifestyle, which ultimately impacts their form.

Lampard, Ferdinand & McManaman on PL Tonight

Towards the end of the conversation, Lampard, Ferdinand and McManaman touch on the need for players to accept that they will be heavily criticised at some point, particularly if they’re a key man at a big team.

Despite being great footballers, all three were targeted by fans at one stage in their careers, with Lampard in particular receiving extreme criticism from West Ham supporters, which he agrees ended up giving him even more inner steel.

No footballing journey is ever easy and if you’re to achieve legendary status, you have to possess a level of toughness that matches your on-pitch ability.

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