Romanian goalkeeper bites opponent - causes mass brawl


Crazy scenes in Romania on Wednesday night saw a mass brawl break out between players from Petrolul Ploiesti and Gaz Metan, after the hosts' goalkeeper Mircea Bornescu was caught biting an opponent.

The 33-year-old reacted angrily to second-half substitute Thaer Al Bawab feigning injury, and sunk his teeth into the shoulder of the unsuspecting striker, who had taken a lengthy amount of time to get up, and off the field for treatment.

In an already feisty affair that had seen Portuguese defender Geraldo Alves sent off for the home side - who were trailing the Romanian Liga I clash 1-0 - the match descended into complete chaos.

Bornescu and Al Bawab were shown straight red cards by referee Sebastian Coltescu who handed out a total of seven red and 13 yellow cards in one of the most highly charged encounters in recent history.

And, if that controversy wasn't enough, Petrolul went on to score an equaliser from the penalty spot in the 14th minute of stoppage time, ensuring the game finished level at 1-1.

Watch footage of Mircea Bornescu doing his best Luis Suarez impression in the video below - with thanks to - and feel free to share your favourite football brawls in the comment box provided.



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