Who do super-rich clubs spend their money on?

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Imagine walking into a shop and being able to buy anything you want. You are now Roman Abramovich.

Bored of super yachts, 10,000 square foot palaces, and private jets, the world's richest people have turned, in increasing numbers, to sport. In particular, to football.

In last decade, beginning with Abramovich's purchase of Chelsea in 2003, a number of super-rich benefactors have swooped on second tier clubs to inject them with cash and propel them up the table.

The likes of Chelsea, Manchester City and Paris St Germain can be grouped together because before their respective takeovers they were never giants of European football. They never had the biggest spending power, the ability to attract the best players and managers.

Now they do.

Monaco are just the latest example. Dmitry Rybolovlev arrived in the principality with Monaco all set for relegation to France's second division. But as with Paris (French capital, no rivals), Manchester City (newly built stadium), and Chelsea (London-based), they had potential and a famous, glamorous brand.

So a single season in Ligue 2 later, and his cash has put them back in the top flight, and in with a genuine chance of toppling Paris St Germain next term. Oh, that remains me. PSG got where they are (league champions) in exactly the same fashion.

As did Chelsea and City in England, and to a lesser extent, Anzhi in Russia.

So we thought it would be interesting to compare these five financial powerhouses. Each have a mega-rich benefactor/investment company's behind them, and all but one have won their national league title since their takeover.

But how did they get there? Who did they buy? What did they prioritise when they first found their pockets stuffed with £50 notes?

GMS looks at the first season under new ownership for each of these teams. Chiefly, what players they bought. 

Once you've looked at each of the five transfer spends, why don't you have your say on who you think spent their money the most wisely.

Join the debate by leaving your choice in the comment box below...

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