Argentine footballer sent off for throwing a dog


An Argentinian footballer has been sent off for a disgraceful act of animal cruelty this week after launching a pitch invading dog into a fence.

Belle Vista player Jose Jimenez saw red after picking up the dog, which had found its way onto the field, grabbing it by the neck and attempting to chuck it over a fence back into the stands.

But he failed and only succeeded in hurling the poor dog against the wire mesh in one of the worst acts of animal abuse ever seen on a football pitch.

Unfortunately, it's not the first time something like this has happened - Panamanian international Luis Moreno gained international notoriety after violently booting an injured owl two years ago.

Obviously, the fans and San Juan players were not happy with the treatment of man's best friend, and confronted Jimenez, before the referee gave him the red card.

Watch the shocking footage in the video below - first brought to our attention by…

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