Chad Johnson hits 24mph in ‘NFL Treadmill Challenge’


Chad Johnson is rarely a man to be outdone, and ‘Ochocinco’ was certainly up for the challenge when Arizona Cardinals rookie Robert Gill ran 25 miles per hour on a treadmill last week.

The former Cincinnati and New England wide receiver has been filmed running at 24mph from a standing start, with a 2.5% elevation thrown in for good measure.

There is method behind Johnson’s madness, with the 35-year-old looking for one last chance in the National Football League. He is currently unattached and is clearly looking to get noticed.

‘The Treadmill Challenge’ is a pretty good way to do that, when you consider that Usain Bolt averaged 23.4mph during his world record 100m run.

So, will it work? And, perhaps more importantly for the wider NFL fan base, will any other player take up the challenge? 

Only time will tell, but for now, enjoy the video of Johnson below and let us know how fast you think you could run on a treadmill…

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