Tom Brady picks his toughest cornerback opponents


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has identified Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis as one of the toughest opponents he's faced.

Speaking to ESPN reporters, Brady was asked to rattle off some of the top cornerbacks he's faced over the course of his career so far.

And while he rates the likes of Champ Bailey and Patrick Surtain from years gone by, he believes Buccaneers star Revis is at the top.

"Ty [Law] was a great player," said Brady. "We played a lot of zone with Ty and Ty always had a great feel.

"I remember him intercepting me a lot of times in practice and ‘how did he see that or get to that ball?’ He had such great field vision. That’s what it is with those guys in the secondary. There are certain corners that are really man-to-man corners.

"Like the Jets over the last few years with Revis and [Antonio] Cromartie, they just put those guys on one particular guy and say ‘take the ball away.’ That’s what they do a good job of.

"Darrelle has been a great man-to-man corner. They’re probably playing a little more zone now than what he used to play.

"There are some great corners I’ve been able to play against – Champ Bailey and Patrick Surtain, that goes back a few years. Charles Woodson, I love the way he plays the game still.

"Darrelle is certainly at the top.”

Revis, a four-time Pro Bowler, was widely regarded as the NFL's best cornerback before he suffered a season-ending ligament injury with the New York Jets last term.

He was traded to the Buccaneers in April for two draft picks, with the Tampa franchise banking on the University of Pittsburgh alumni returning to his former lockdown-corner best.

The main job of the cornerback is to intercept, swat and knock down a quarterback's passes. They can play man-to-man coverage against a wide receiver, or drop back to defend different "zones" on the field.

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