Memphis Grizzlies mascot slams fan through table

Memphis Grizzlies mascot goes mad.

Memphis Grizzlies mascot Grizz is not to be messed with. If you show up at the FedExForum wearing an opposition jersey and give it large to the Memphis crowd, then Grizz will personally slam you through a table. Don’t say we failed to warn you.

Any doubters of Grizz’s potential dangers need only watch back an incident from Wednesday’s win against Washington, with one Wizards fan getting duly dealt with after trying to goad the home crowd.

Said fan was picked out by the arena cameras adorned in Wizards regalia while shouting his mouth off and, after seeing what was going down, Grizz strode onto the court to exact his own brand of justice.

A brief altercation between the Wizards nut and Grizz ensued before the mascot ensured there would be no more shenanigans after bombing the fan through a conveniently placed table.


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