Top 5 biggest transfer swap deals - Winners and losers

Chelsea swapped Luiz for Matic.

Rarely in the complicated world of modern football is anything straightforward. When it comes to transfers in particular, it is often not as simple as just one team paying another a lump sum of cash in order to secure their preferred target.

Rather, deals often involve staggered payments, promises of add-ons and various bonuses if projected targets are met. Also, as we have seen a few times up and down the years, some clubs even offer their own players in attempt to seal certain deals.

There has been a lot of talk of swap deals in the British media this week, with reports suggesting that Chelsea may have been offered two mega deals involving highly-rated young Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois and Atletico Madrid duo Koke and Diego Costa.

While this only rumour at the moment, this particular piece of transfer gossip did get us thinking here at GMS about similar swap deals that have taken place in the past involving one or more teams in the English top-flight.

Here, GMS looks at five transfer swap deals that have gone through involving Premier League teams in the past.

In order to make things a bit more interesting, we've also decided to rate each swap and determine which team was the 'winner'.

Click on to see our choices and, as ever, please don't forget to leave your thoughts below.

What did you make of these particular swap deals? Do you agree with our winner/loser tag on each deal?

Perhaps you feel there's a bigger swap deal that we have neglected to include? Don't be shy!

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