Manziel is only 6ft: Top 5 best shortest NFL QB's

Little Johnny is ready to take on the big world

Johnny Manziel confirmed yesterday that he is only six feet tall in an interview as he heads to the NFL Combine this weekend.

In May, 'Johnny Football's' fate will be decided, and whether he will be picked number one overall in the NFL Draft remains to be seen. 

Manziel wants to go number one to stay in Texas and for the ego boost getting pick first would give him, but his height has got teams thinking about whether or not he's NFL ready.

Quarterbacks have to first and foremost make throws, and when it comes to the big-time and the business end of the season, pocket passing performing is so crucial.

As the pocket collapses the taller you are the more you can see.

This is when players like Manziel are in a bad situation due to their lack of height.

However, that doesn't mean you can't be successful when you are a quarterback that is six feet or less.

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