WWE Raw: Review March 17

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Raw live from San Antonio, Texas, began with Triple H in the ring front and centre. He told the audience that everything was their fault. He said it didn’t have to come to this but he was going to crush their dreams, end the Yes Movement and Daniel Bryan because they forced his hand.

He then said he would talk to Bryan face-to-face later tonight, before being interrupted by Batista. The number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship told Triple H that he had a big problem with him because he Daniel Bryan in the main event at Wrestlemania.

The Animal said he didn’t return to be part of a match where he didn’t have to be pinned to lose, to which Triple H told him Daniel Bryan had no chance of beating him.

Randy Orton’s music then hit and The Viper approached the ring, he said he agreed with Batista, he didn’t want the main event of Wrestlemania to be a triple threat match. Triple H told them that Daniel had no chance of beating him.

The Game asked them what had happened to them, had Bryan got in their heads to what Batista replied that it wasn’t as much as Bryan had got in his head. Randy then asked or Bryan in a no-DQ match tonight which Triple H granted.

Randy and Batista then had a back and forth about how much people love Daniel Bryan because both of them suck. The two continued to argue and Triple H walked away to which Batista told him to come back and sort it.

Triple H then delivered some home truths to both men before dropping the bombshell that if Daniel Bryan fails to beat him, he will be in the triple threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Mania. Randy Orton then RKO’d Batista and posed for the fans.

BACKSTAGE: Batista was seen leaving the arena as Renee Young asked what his feelings were, he said coming back was a big mistake and he’s out.

The Usos v The Real Americans

The Uso’s made the save on Smackdown when The Real Americans were attacking the Rhodes brothers, which led to the making of this match tonight.

Jimmy and Jack started the match-up before Jay got the blind tag. Jack found an opening when he punched Jay in the face and tagged in Cesaro. Jay hit a running clothesline to Cesaro before making the tag to his brother.

Cesaro hit a back breaker on Jimmy before making the tag to his partner, Swagger wore down Jimmy but one half of the tag Team Champions fought out and tagged in Jay. The pace quickened as he went for the Rikishi’s move but Cesaro interfered and Jay was kicked out of the ring.

Raw returned with Jay fighting out of the corner, but Swagger hit the slam before Cesaro tagged in and claimed the near fall. Cesaro was thrown to the outside and Swagger was super-kicked as Jay crawled to make the tag, Swagger grabbed Jay’s foot but he hit the enziguri and finally made the tag to his brother.

Jimmy quickened the pace but Cesaro went for the swing, Jay interfered as did Swagger, who was thrown to the outside before The Usos delivered a Samoan Drop to Cesaro. Jimmy went for the splash but Swagger pulled him out of the ring and got superkicked for his efforts.

Jay jumped outside after Swagger leaving Jimmy to receive a thunderous upper cut and the neutralizer as The Real Americans pinned the Tag Team Champions.

BACKSTAGE: The Shield were with Kane who talked about Friday night, saying what happened could have consequences, Dean said, yes for you. Kane then told them he needed a united Shield and The Authority needed to count on him.

He then asked if he could count on them and Seth said yeah, we ‘re united. Roman told him to believe that and Kane said he believes that they will do as they are told or they will see how replaceable they really are.

Hornswoggle was out celebrating St Patrick’s Day, Bad New Barrett interrupted to make fun of him being a leprechaun before telling them that they would spend the day getting drunk and doing things they will regret.

Sheamus v Titus O’Neil

Sheamus came out wearing Brian O’Driscoll’s rugby shirt, the Irishman retired from Rugby on Saturday after Ireland won the Six Nations.

Christian was on commentary and announced he was going to be part of the 30-man rumble at Wrestlemania. In the ring Sheamus was taking it to Titus, who came to the ring dressed as an Irish man.

Titus was thrown to the outside but he recovered and sent Sheamus back first into the steel post. Sheamus was then thrown to the outside and Titus picked up Hornswoggle and threw him in the ring before slapping him. Sheamus appeared and caught him when he tried to throw him before sending Hornswoggle into the mid-section of Titus.

Sheamus then hit the ten punches on the outside before delivering the Brogue Kick for the win.

After the match Renee spoke to Sheamus in the ring and he wished everyone a happy St Patrick’s day before announcing that he was taking part in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at Mania.

Christian on commentary wasn’t happy that he was involving himself and attacked Sheamus, kicking him to the outside before throwing him into the steel steps and delivering the Kill Switch.

John Cena was out when Raw returned to talk about Bray Wyatt and their match at Wrestlemania in less than three weeks. He told the crowd that he was afraid of Bray Wyatt, because the fans were listening to what he says. He said Bray is different than any guy he has ever faced because all he wants to do is destroy.

He said he is afraid of Bray but he believes in everything he has accomplished and Wrestlemania for him isn’t about fighting Bray but it’s about fighting for his legacy. Bray Wyatt then appeared on the screen wearing a Cena shirt.

He talked about children supporting super heroes because they had not lived long enough to know any better, before telling him about his childhood and scars. He told Cena he didn’t care if he didn’t leave Wrestlemania as long as the world sees him the way he sees him.

Randy Orton v Daniel Bryan (No DQ)

Randy Orton asked for this match earlier tonight and he started the match up going after Bryan with the punches to the face but the smaller man fought out and delivered a knee to the mid-section, before repeatedly bouncing Orton’s knee off the ring post.

Orton fought back delivering the upper cuts, but Bryan drop kicked him to the outside before flying out after him.

Orton pulled a kendo stick out from under the ring and hit Bryan with it before he dumped him through the announce table.

Raw returned with Orton using the kendo stick to his advantage as he continued the beat down. Bryan was then thrown to the outside and bounced off the barricade for a near fall, before Orton threw him into the post and delivered a back breaker.

Bryan fought back and delivered the running drop kick in the corner before the hurracanrana from the top rope for a near fall of his own. He then picked up the kendo stick and attacked Orton with that and his feet for another near fall.

Bryan climbed to the top rope but Orton had it well scouted and knocked him off before headbutting Bryan and hitting the super-plex for a two count. Bryan rolled out of the ring and found the kendo stick which he bounced off Orton’s head before knocking The Viper into the time keeper’s area.

Randy found a chair and hit Bryan in the mid-section and back with it before throwing him in the ring and followed him in but Batista ran in and speared Orton so Bryan hit him in the face with his knee and pinned Orton for the win.

After the match Batista climbed back in the ring and hit the Batista Bomb.

Paul Heyman was out at the top of the ramp when Raw returned and he was there to talk about The Undertaker and his previous challengers at Wrestlemania.

He showed a video of The Undertaker’s streak and the fact that he was finding it harder and harder to beat his challengers, even though Brock had beaten a lot of them easily. Paul then told the crowd that Brock was going to conquer the streak in less than two weeks.

BACKSTAGE: Triple H and Stephanie were talking about Daniel Bryan and what he did last week when he occupied Raw and Stephanie was not impressed that he had put himself in the triple threat match. Triple H said he’d got it and she should leave him alone to take care of it. She said he had better.

Fandango v Goldust

Fandango began the match by dancing in front of Goldust, only for the strange superstar to crawl across the ring and freak Fandango out.

The match finally got underway with Goldust hitting the arm drag followed by the atomic drop. Summer Rae tried to make the distraction but was knocked off the apron and caught by Cody Rhodes.

Fandango claimed the upper hand but Goldust fought back with the slaps to the face, and the flying hurracanrana. Fandango hit the suplex at the second attempt before going for the leg drop but Goldust moved and delivered Final Cut for the win.

BACKSTAGE: Kane was shown heading to the ring.

The Director of Operation approached the ring and talked about The Occupy Raw stunt last week. He said it was dangerous, inappropriate and violated health and safety codes.

He said he had conducted an investigation and Daniel Bryan didn’t perform the stunt alone, and that man was Jerry Lawler and he invited him into the ring.

The Shield then entered the ring as well and surrounded Jerry, before forcing him to get in the ring. Kane then told him he won’t enjoy doing what he has to do before asking him if he has anything to say for himself. Seth took the mic and told him Daniel Bryan isn’t coming to save him because The Shield always does what’s best for business.

The Shield then turned their attention to Kane and they began the beat down on corporate Kane with Roman delivering the spear and the triple power-bomb.

The Bella Twins were on commentary when Raw returned and Naomi was back as The Funkadactyls made their entrance.

The Funkadactyls v AJ Lee and Tamina

Naomi was wearing an eye patch after her recent injury, so Cameron started the match up against Tamina with Cameron showing more ring improvement.

Tamina used her strength advantage before making the tag to AJ who locked in the submission manoeuvre and tagging in Tamina who delivered the stoop slam for a near fall.

Cameron crawled and make the tag to Naomi as Tamina tagged in AJ. Naomi hit the drop kick and the full nelson bomb for a near fall. Tamina came in to throw Cameron out before Naomi delivered the drop kick.

AJ then tried to lock in the Black Widow before Naomi slammed her to the mat and delivered the split leg moon-sault for the win.

After the match Tamina tried to help AJ but AJ shouted at her and pushed her on the floor.

Mr. T was announced as the latest 2014 Hall of Fame inductee on the celebrity wing.

Big Show, Mark Henry, Big E and Dolph Ziggler v Damien Sandow, Ryback, Curtis Axel and Alberto Del Rio

Ryback and Big E started the match-up with Big E hitting the bell to back suplex, before tagging in Mark Henry as Ryback got the tag to Axel.

Henry hit a big boot to the face and tagged in Ziggler who performed a neck breaker on Axel but Axel took him to the corner and tagged in Ryback. Ziggler then hit three drop kicks to Ryback and Axel before all competitors jumped in the ring and there was a stare down.

Raw returned with Del Rio in control of Ziggler after bouncing him off the announce table. Damien Sandow got the tag and continued the punishment on Ziggler. He then tagged in Ryback who went for the delayed vertical suplex but Dolph countered into a pinning predicament.

Axel came in and Dolph delivered the DDT but Axel made the tag to Sandow and kept hold of Dolph’s leg so he couldn’t make a tag to one of his partners.

Sandow put Dolph in a chin lock before Dolph went for a drop kick but Sandow countered and bounced Ziggler off the top turnbuckle.

Ziggler finally made the tag to Big Show who threw Sandow over his head before delivering the clothesline, Axel got involved but was slapped for his troubles before Ryback came in and knocked Big Show down, so Big E disposed of him. Del Rio hit Big E with a drop kick before throwing him and Mark Henry out. Ziggler then hit the famouser on Del Rio, Axel threw Ziggler into the ring post and to the outside. Big Show threw Axel out leaving himself and Sandow in the ring and delivered the choke-slam for the win.

BACKSTAGE: Renee was with Batista again and he said he has never quit anything in his life and he doesn’t care if it’s Triple H or Daniel Bryan he is leaving Wrestlemania with what he came back for.

Kofi Kingston v Bray Wyatt

Bray went one on one with the former United States champion as Harper and Rowan watched on at ringside.

Bray never gave Kofi a chance to put in any offence as his size advantage played a part. Bray got the win off Sister Abigail.

Triple H was out when Raw came back on the air and he called out Daniel Bryan who obliged. The COO said he had a lot to say and a lot of things have happened between Daniel and him and everything he has done to him has been best for business. None of this was personal.

The Game said no one understands the burden he has of making the day in day out decisions of the company, but he a lot has happened and it was all water under the bridge. In three weeks they are going to step in the ring together and fight and he will not apologise for what he does to him.

Triple said he doesn’t have a choice, he has to end this uprising. And if shutting it down means putting an end to Bryan then that’s what he has to do because it’s what’s best for business. He then said he wanted to say no hard feelings and let the best man win.

He then went to shake his hand but Daniel refused, Triple H said he would have done the same. He said he has done a lot to him since Summerslam yet he is still here. This started the “Daniel Bryan” chants. Triple H told him the WWE Universe respects him and he has earned his respect.

Stephanie interrupted and said what Daniel did last week was disrespectful and illegal. Stephanie said she is pressing charges before calling for officers to arrest Daniel Bryan.

Triple H and Stephanie argued outside the ring as the officers handcuffed Daniel in the ring. Triple H got back in the ring and called the officers off, Daniel was handcuffed and Triple H attacked him and bounced him off the announce table.

Stephanie played cheerleader the whole time as Triple H attacked Daniel with everything he could find including a chair and the ring post. The Game finished by delivering a pedigree to Daniel before he celebrated in the ring with Stephanie and said everything belongs to him, there is no “Yes Movement.” Triple H then showed that the key to the handcuffs was around Stephanie’s neck.

We are now less than three weeks shy of Wrestlemania and matches are being announced every week, the main event will definitely be a triple threat match, the 30-man battle royal is looking stronger and stronger and no one actually knows who the number one contender for the Divas title is. All will become clear as we continue down the “Road to Wrestlemania.”

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This article has been written by a member of the GiveMeSport Writing Academy and does not represent the views of or SportsNewMedia. The views and opinions expressed are solely that of the author credited at the top of this article. and SportsNewMedia do not take any responsibility for the content of its contributors.

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