Dez Bryant snaps at reporter for writing story

Bryant is not a happy man

Dallas Cowboys wideout Dez Bryant is not a happy man.

The wide receiver had a story penned about him in ESPN about the strict rules that the Cowboys have enforced on him, we reported it here.

In case you missed it, Calvin Watkins wrote that several provisions have been put in place against him, including a midnight curfew, no drinking alcohol, banned from strip clubs, attend counselling twice a week, a three-man security team of which one is with him at all times, and driven to all team events, games, practices by security.

Well Bryant wasn't too pleased with this factual story - Cowboys owner Jerry Jones semi-confirmed it - and went after Watkins on twitter saying; 

"I lost all respect for you writing a bullshit story that is no longer true...don't bring your ass by my locker."

The tweet was quickly deleted, but not quick enough for the whole world and their dog to see it and take a screenshot.

Bryant entered the league with what one NFL scout described as 'the worst background i have ever seen" and backed that up with his on and off field antics.

Just last season Bryant drew the ire of the nation for several shouting matches on the sidelines during matches and for walking off the field before a losing game against Green Bay was even over.

The wide receiver had the rules placed on him during an off-season where he attacked his own mother, hitting her in the face.

It looks like those counselling sessions may need to be upped from two a week.

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