Russell Westbrook needs to curb his enthusiasm

Thunder star risked injury with crazy defiance

Oklahoma City Thunder's star point guard Russell Westbrook seems to love living life on the edge. 

For Westbrook, one bad injury is just simply not enough. The premier baller goes around with a carefree gay abandon that is sure to get him hurt, but he doesn't care. 

Well, this is not exactly true. But you can't help but feel that Westbrook needs to curb his enthusiasm before he picks up another big injury. 

Last season he tore his meniscus in the playoffs and missed the crucial parts of the post-season, and on Sunday against the Indiana Pacers he tested that old injury with some pointless and stupid on-court antics. 

What we are referring to is Westbrook's epic double jump to deny Pacers' Paul George's deep three-pointers. 

Now this doesn't sound all too bad and it may even sound necessary, but when you learn that the play was dead when Westbrook performed those blocks, it doesn't sound good at all. 

This is especially true because Westbrook knew fully well that the game had stopped, but be it anger or over enthusiasm, the point guard took a huge risk. 

On the second block Westbrook even fell awkwardly to the floor, further proving that these stupid antics - that you can see above - were purely unnecessary. 

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