Donald Trump restates interest in the Buffalo Bills

Donald Trump seen here enjoying the US Open

Billionare Donald Trump still has interest in buying the Buffalo Bill franchise.

The Bills previous owner, Ralph Wilson Jr., passed away last month and Trump first indicated his interest in purchasing the franchise.

Yesterday, however, he reconfirmed his intentions to not only buy the team but to make sure it stays in Buffalo and doesn't move to sunnier climates.

However, Trump told the Toronto Sun newspaper that he won't be brought into a bidding exchange with ridiculous figures, saying: "Somebody could come out and bid through the roof for the Bills, something crazy, in which case, I'm sorry I can't do anything about that. You have to be sane."

The Bills officially announced that the club would be sold back on April 3rd and since then, there have been other areas of interest.

A consortium called Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment based in Toronto is reportedly headed by rock star Jon Bon Jovi, Buffalo Sabers former and current owners Tom Golisano and Terry Pegula are also in the mix.

The league and all the franchises have to vote before the sale of a team is made and the only concern for them with Trump would be his Casino businesses and maybe some bad blood.

Back in 1984, Trump owned a USFL team, the New Jersey Generals, and was part of a lawsuit against the NFL to the tune of $1.7 billion.

Trump insists that there are not grudges and that his interests in casinos now are only small and not controlling ownerships. He also has the most capital to invest and the benefit of being quite local to Buffalo being in New York.

Trump is no stranger to the media orientated world of sport either, having enjoyed a successful feud with WWE owner Vince McMahon back at WrestleMania 23, allowing to beat on the wrestling mogul but also shave his hair.

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