WWE Raw report: April 28

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The final Raw before Extreme Rules kicked off with John Cena inside the steel cage he will be locked inside this Sunday.

The former World Champion asked the WWE Universe what he did to deserve what happened last week when they voted for him to go three-on-one with the entire Wyatt family.

He talked about dying as a hero or living long enough to become a villain before asking what he did wrong, and why the crowd chose Bray Wyatt over him.

Cena then talked about the time when he will step aside and how he sees greatness in the locker room for when he does before listing the likes of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Cesaro as the future.

He said Wyatt was like nothing he had seen before, when he talks it’s beautiful and this Sunday if he allows him to escape this cage, so does his message and he will continue to corrupt. He said this will lead to Wyatt vs the world and the world will not have a chance.
The lights went down and “he’s got the whole word in his hands” was sang by a choir of children at the top of the ramp.

Raw returned with the whole choir in sheep masks and The Wyatt family out with them, Bray then laughed at Cena as he sat with a child in a sheep mask on his knee before the lights went out again.

The Usos v Rybaxel (Tag team championship)

After the roll Rybaxel have been on as of late they were granted a tag team title shot against The Usos.

Axel and Jey started the match up, exchanging slaps before Jey hit the shoulder block and Axel tagged in Ryback. The bigger man tried to intimidate Jey but he hit the slap to the face followed by a punches and slaps to the chest.

Jimmy tagged in and they hit the double super-kick and knocked Ryback out of the ring followed by Axel and the two flew out after them.

Jey looked like he injured his ankle as he flew outside. Raw returned with Jimmy continuing the match as Jey was treated by the doctors.

Axel hit the knee to the face of Jimmy for the two count before tagging in Ryback who hit a standing slam and covered Jimmy three times but to no avail.

Axel and Ryback then went for the superplex but Jimmy fought out and knocked Axel on top of Ryback and tagged in an injured Jey who hit the cross-body on Axel for a near fall.

Ryback blind tagged himself in and hit the spine buster and he went for the meat hook but Jey got the super kick to the face for a near fall of his own.

Ryback then went for Shellshock but Jey countered into a pin but only claimed a two count. Axel was then tagged in and Jey super-kicked Ryback in the face before the tag was made to Jimmy and he hit the cross body on a distracted Axel for the win.

BACKSTAGE: Cesaro and Paul Heyman were discussing Rob Van Dams comments last week and Heyman said he really got underneath his skin, the last guy to get under his skin was The Undertaker and look what happened to him. He said he was 100% right he is a liar, a conniver, he’s ruthless and he’s totally uninhibited in his ethical approach to business but he takes his clients to the top. And Cesaro said that is all he needed to hear.

BACKSTAGE: Kane’s mask was shown back in it’s box.

Sheamus then made his way to the ring but he was attacked by Titus O’Neil as he played to the crowd at the top of the ramp.

He bounced him off the barricade before rolling him into the ring and the referee was then allowed to ring the bell.

Titus O’Neil v Sheamus

As soon as the bell rang Titus continued the assault with some vicious knees to the side of Sheamus’s head but from out of nowhere Sheamus hit a Brogue kick for the win.

Raw returned with Dolph Ziggler in the ring out to welcome out the guest host Hugh Jackman, he talked about this being his favourite time of year because super heroes return to the big screen, before he showed a preview of the new X-Men film.

Hugh came out and said he was happy to be back because this is one of the biggest and most exciting things out there, because anything can happen and it always does. Dolph then said it’s funny he says that because last time he was here he was punched in the face by him.

Ziggler said Swagger had hit him harder than that, he got national exposure with all his clothes on and the WWE Universe got a hell of a moment in this very ring. They then shook on it before Damien Sandow made his way to the ring dressed as a super hero called “Magnito” master of magnetism.

He said he was there to show the WWE Universe him in all his greatness, he then said Dolph was star-struck but Hugh and Dolph laughed at him for tripping on his cape.

Magnetism then tried to show his power and the mic started to move towards him, but Hugh showed that he was doing it before throwing the mic at Sandow and hip tossing him and Dolph then hit the ZigZag.

Raw returned with Jack Swagger on his way to the ring with Zeb Colter, Paul Heyman then came out and talked about how his kids think he’s funny. Heyman then attempted to tell a joke in which he again referenced Brock defeating Undertakers undefeated streak.

Cesaro v Jack Swagger

After weeks of back and forth and a great match on Smackdown, the two met again tonight, Cesaro countered Swagger into a gut-wrench slam before he rolled to the outside and tried to continue the beat down but Swagger threw him into the barricade.

He then rolled him into the ring and threw him shoulder first into the steel post before locking him in a submission manoeuvre and chanted “We the People” at him.

Cesaro then fought back with upper cuts and a suplex. But Zeb grabbed Cesaro’s feet to distract him so Heyman ran around and grabbed his moustache and Cesaro hit the German Suplex into a pin of the win.

BACKSTAGE: John Cena was with Renee Young and she asked for his reaction to Bray Wyatt but he just walked away.

BACKSTAGE: Kane’s mask was still in its box.

Cody Rhodes v Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio went straight after Cody as the bell rang but Cody fought back and hit a clothes line and a body slam.

Cody then countered Del Rio and landed on his feet before hitting the drop kick, but Del Rio hit the tilt whirl back breaker for a near fall.

Del Rio then locked in the cross arm breaker and Cody tapped.

After the match Goldust tried to help Cody but he shrugged him off, again.

BACKSTAGE: Cesaro and Heyman were whispering about something.

Alexander Rusev v Xavier Woods

Ahead of their two-on-one handicap match on Sunday, Xavier Woods took on Rusev and tried to hit a drop kick straight out but Rusev caught him as he went for the bulldog and slammed him.

Rusev went for the accolade but R-Truth got involved and dumped Rusev out of the ring before Woods hit the drop kick on the apron and R-truth knocked him off with a heel to the jaw.

BACKSTAGE: Rob Van Dam was with Renee Young and he talked about being a six time Intercontinental Champion but was interrupted by Zeb Colter who said they have an enemy in common in Paul Heyman and asked Rob to help him get rid of him. Rob said he didn’t need to join anyone he was good just being RVD.

BACKSTAGE: Zeb and Swagger were discussing something.

Heath Slater and Drew Macintyre v Los Matadores

It was announced that El Torito and Hornswoggle would go one-on-one on The Extreme Rules kick off show.

The two joined their teams at ring side and it wasn’t long before they tried to start a fight, Jendar Mahal tried to keep them apart but the bull head butted him and then he was drop-kicked out of the way so a member of Los Matadores tried to help and the distraction allowed Heath Slater to hit the DDT for the win.

After the match Hornswoggle tried to jump on Los Matadores but everyone moved, so El Torito jumped up on the top rope and showed him how it’s done when he took out Heath and Drew.
Stephanie McMahon made her way to the ring when Raw returned and talked about last week being a tragedy and that she tried to stop Kane but he was unstoppable.

She then asked Daniel to come out which he obliged in a neck brace and accompanied by Brie Bella. Daniel said he almost believed her when she said she wanted Kane to stop but everyone knows she’s full of crap.

She said she deserved that and she and Triple H never wanted him to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Daniel then talked about Brie and how she had to sit by and watch everything Triple H did because she respected him.

Stephanie said she knew what it was like to see her husband stretchered out and having to sit at the hospital, and for that she was truly sorry. Daniel said that he thought she was still full of crap, Steph said she didn’t know how else she could prove it unless he went down to the ring and look her in the eyes so she could prove otherwise.

Daniel said he would still see a liar, he said his head hurts and he can’t move his neck and he is cleared to wrestle this Sunday and he promises that if Kane takes him down he is taking him down with him, straight to hell.

She said she didn’t know where Kane was and his mask was locked up, so because Daniel Bryan couldn’t compete Brie could, and so Brie will take on Paige tonight for the Divas Championship.

Daniel said he would be with Brie at ringside and Steph said her match was now.

BACKSTAGE: Kane’s mask was gone.

Brie Bella v Paige (Divas Championship)

Paige made her first title defence against Brie and the two really took it to each other in the opening exchanges but Paige gained the upper hand when she threw Brie face first and stomped on her in the corner before hitting a snap suplex.

Paige then hit the knees to the mid-section and but Brie found an advantage when she hit Brie Mode and climbed to the top rope, Paige climbed after her and hit the super plex and Kane’s music hit.

Daniel was waiting for him but Kane appeared through the ring and grabbed Brie. Daniel tried to fight but he was knocked out of the ring and Kane went back after Brie, Daniel managed to find a wrench and hit him with it but Kane hit a chokeslam and Brie climbed back in the ring to help him and Kane tried to drag her with him but she fought her way out and back to Daniel.

BACKSTAGE: Daniel and Brie were with the medics and Stephanie came in to apologise. She asked if he will be able to compete, Daniel told her he would compete and she would regret dragging Brie into this. Brie then told her to get out and called her a bitch.

BACKSTAGE: John Cena was with Renee and he apologised for earlier and said that he was wrong about the WWE Universe but he knows they haven’t because he heard noise and noise is passion and this Sunday he was going to buy Bray a mule and teach it to sing so that it could accompany him to the ring. But this Sunday Bray won’t have the whole world in his hands, he will have John’s fist in his face and his foot in his ass.

Bad News Barrett was back on his podium and said he had some bad news for Rob Van Dam because he is no longer relevant. He said he was back in England wearing diapers last time Rob won the IC title and he said Rob would be back wearing diapers and drinking through a straw because of him BNB.

Bad News Barrett v Rob Van Dam

The two styles clashed here as Barrett punched Rob in the face so he hit the arm drag followd by a drop toe hold and a side headlock. Barrett tried to fight him off but was knocked to the outside where Rob got the baseball slide and moonsault off the apron.

Barrett then knocked Rob through the middle rope and sent him into the barricade before bouncing him off the announce desk and rolled him back in the ring for a near fall.

Barrett hit the winds of change for another near fall followed but a knee to the face but Rob faought back with a kick to the jaw and numerous clotheslines before Cesaro provided the distraction and Barrett went for the Bullhammer but Van Dam moved and hit the heel to the face and Rolling Thunder, he then went for the five star but Cesaro tried to stop him and the distraction allowed Barrett to counter and hit the Bullhammer for the win.

After the match Cesaro continued attacking RVD until Swagger made the save and hit a belly to belly. But Swagger then started attacking RVD but Rob kicked him in the face and hit the five star on Cesaro.

BACKSTAGE: The Shield talked about Evolution and the fact that they were going to expose them on Sunday, they were going to chew them up and spit them out. He said they believed the limos and watches were symbols of power when they’re not. Seth said they were about to find out what true power really is. Roman then said Randy Orton is the past, his fist is the future.

Randy Orton v Roman Reigns

Before the match Triple H said he was impressed by their antics on Smackdown because The Shield were beginning to remind him of them. Randy said the only problem was Evolution were still here and on Sunday they will either adapt or perish.

Just as the match was about to start, Ric Flair arrived and took his place alongside Evolution he said he was here to tell the whole world it’s great being in the ring with men who exhume what the business is about obviously talking about Evolution.

He said on his years on the road he has seen everything come full circle and now he is surrounded by superstars who exemplify power and grace but what he’s talking about now is The Shield. He then shook hands with them all and winked at Evolution.

The match finally begun and Reigns started hammering away at Orton but Reigns was thrown to the outside and Orton went for a suplex but Reigns blocked it and hit his own.

Orton then threw Reigns into the steel steps before bouncing his head off the same steps and rolling him into the ring for a quick cover.

Orton then clotheslines Reigns to the outside again and went for the DDT through the ropes but Reigns countered and hit a clothesline out of the corner before hitting his flying kick from the outside.

Reigns then set up for the superman punch but Triple H grabbed his leg and Orton hit Reigns from behind. Meanwhile Seth and Dean attacked Batista and Triple H on the outside but Dean was sent over the announce table before Seth was bounced off the barricade and apron.
In the ring Reigns hit the superman punch and climbed out of the ring to attack Batista and Triple H, The bell rung and the three on one assault continued, Seth and Dean tried to help but they along with Roman were picked apart by Evolution.

Ambrose then received a spine buster on the outside before Rollins was bounced off the ring post and so was Reigns.

Reigns and Ambrose were then thrown back into the ring and the beat down continued, Triple H went for a pedigree on Ambrose but Seth hit the flying knee to the face before Dean took on Orton and Seth took on Batista.

Orton was thrown to the outside and Batista received a kick to the face before Triple H was speared and Orton and Batista climbed in the ring with chairs but were knocked back out. But they saved Triple H from a triple power bomb.

The Shield stood tall at the end of the final Raw before Extreme Rules. 

So, The Shield have the upper hand and Ric Flair's respect? Wow, will Daniel Bryan make it to Extreme Rules and could Brie and Stephanie's rivalry lead to something more than words?

We have just six days to wait until the most extreme pay-per-view of the year.

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This article has been written by a member of the GiveMeSport Writing Academy and does not represent the views of GiveMeSport.com or SportsNewMedia. The views and opinions expressed are solely that of the author credited at the top of this article. GiveMeSport.com and SportsNewMedia do not take any responsibility for the content of its contributors.

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